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  • Rating: A Qualitative Analysis Of Radio Listening

    Understanding ratings is an important part of understanding the business of radio, in terms of where the data comes from, what information to report and measure, and what determines the accessibility and quality of the information. All activities of the media are audience focused, both content and market related, and without the audience, all media related activities become entirely pointless. In the early 1920’s, ratings were developed for out of business purposes to help advertisers select the most appropriate broadcast outlet in search of their desired audiences. Within radio it has been evaluated how ratings have evolved over the years, especially when discussing the different ways that ratings have been measured and how ratings provide a…

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  • Math Misconceptions Essay

    As students’ learn how to measure, individuals misinterpret the representations. Although it seems like a simple concept for adults, Battista (2006) claims measurement can be a difficult concept for children to understand. A common misconception in measurement is the students’ misreading the scale on a ruler, as they do not know “whether to count the marks or the spaces” (Averill & Harvey, 2010, p. 106), or whether to start from the one or the zero. It is merely a misunderstanding of the meaning…

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  • Six Sigma Case Studies

    In the following critical essay, we will utilize a ten-point checklist to evaluate an article entitled Measure the Immeasurable: The World of Smell and Taste (“MIM”). This ten-point checklist has been applied against Six Sigma project case studies. MIM is not a case study by definition, but more of a look at industries’ use of new electronic measurement techniques and the influence they can have on and the opportunities they present to companies and teams using the DMAIC. More specifically,…

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  • Merton's Anomie Theory

    Some of the aspects from these three articles can advance the understanding and the validity of Merton’s anomie theory. When looking at the study done by Baumer and Gustafson, the quality of their study is very sound. The researches find a way to measure the different parts of Merton’s theory, such as legitimate employment and other things that would be considered blocked opportunity and crime, and measure them (Baumer & Gustafson, 2007). Baumer and Gustafson also give solid background…

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  • Science Fair Fun Rhetorical Analysis Essay

    Science Fair Fun, written by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER). This booklet will be evaluated on how it incorporates Markel’s six main characteristics of technical documentations effectively. The analysis will be written with sections categorized by the six characteristics. Summary of the Booklet The booklet, published by United States Environmental Protection Agency in December 2000, is for teachers and students in grade…

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  • Human Resources Case Study

    organizations foundation and pathways to its goals. The department’s strategic actions and employee engagement can boost business with rigorous metrics improving the workforce. Making the use of strategies and planning a necessary part of an organizations success. The Human Resources department needs to determine what measurement’s should be utilized and collected to achieve optimal success. Temptation to collect data on a myriad of measure can loom heavily on the minds of collectors of…

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  • Balance And Balanced Scorecard Approach

    As discussed previously there has been various methods developed in the past few decades for performance measurements; however the most acceptable and regarded approach is the "Balanced Scorecard Approach". Balanced Scorecard addresses one major issue that financial measurement tools are insufficient to guide companies for success. It provides a broader sense of indications for the total value creation in organizations through tangible and intangible assets. Balanced Scorecard approach help…

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  • Measurement Error Essay

    Sources of Measurement Error Measurement is the process by where we assign value to empirical events, objects or properties, or activities according to a set of rules or standards (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). The goal of measurement is to represent the events, objects, properties, or activities with complete precision and control. Because a researcher does not have complete control, errors do occur. Measurement error is the difference between the research value assigned and the true…

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  • Case Study Of Two Ping-Pong Balls

    in at least one of the designs. My partner and I decided to make the glasses super colorful and fun looking. My partner used a variety of fun colors to make the design pop out and draw the eye. We wanted out design to be noticed. Most people look at things that are attractive and not bland, so we made our prototype very eye appealing. I think it would be fairly easy to shelve because it's not a wobbly structure and each design would go right on top of each other. Our prototype has eye appealing…

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  • Pendulum Experiment

    interesting since I’ve seen and used pendulums a lot before, but I have never really reflected on why they oscillate. After this lab and understanding of the theory, I even know how to relate measurements to figure out the force of gravity. That is why I love physics, everything is related which makes it possible to explain phenomena seen in the everyday life.…

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