Indirect Self Report Essay

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Personality should be valued or construct to get detailed characteristics of a person. As we cannot physically see the traits, there will be a question about is it really there or true? Scientists made some interference about people and how they are like and such measurement are hypothetical most of the times. Smith (2005) was explaining in his study that even though those theoretical theories are there, it is necessary to make sure they are measure “in a convincing, valid way” (P. 396). Validity is important and here comes the accuracy of the constructs. So the methods we are using to obtain the personality values can be accepted only it is well concrete with high accuracy (McDonald, 2008).
This paper will be focusing on the two different
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The main difference with direct and indirect self-reports is that in direct self-report that person may even mislead the outcome. To overcome to situations to eliminate the face validity indirect self-report can be handled. Indirect method also applies in the measurement of defense mechanism. Subtle item should be involved in such case like a person can explain himself that ‘I am struggling myself and take breaks to overcome my struggle’. As directly not mentioned but are predictive of alcoholic addiction. This approach can be subject to more research. Most of the researchers neither completely direct nor completely indirect self-report. (Paulhus & Vazire, 2007, …show more content…
Example of this situation is when a person is under stress. If the response is not proper it will definitely affects the reliability and accuracy of the personality assessment. The Personality will affect the emotions such as feelings and thoughts and it shapes our behaviours. The way we are responding to a personality test can affect the results.
Self-presentation. One of the limitations of self-report is self-presentation. As a self, the person likes to show himself in two forms. One is self-aware form and another is unconscious form. Self-aware form is impression management and it includes fake results, telling lies and exaggerates the happenings. Unconscious Form is Self-deception and it includes self-enhancement, denying and self-favoring. Self-presentation can be more negative such as exaggerating things but more positive in social reliability. ( Paulhus& Vazire, 2007)
Socially desirable responding bias. Personality test score can be influenced by ‘non-test-relevant’ determinants (Crowne & Marlowe, 1960). The external motivators what we have adopted will affect the personality will result in inaccurate result in the

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