Social desirability bias

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  • High And Low Screen Time Essay

    is spent doing particular activities each day. It asks them to remember the day before in 5 minute blocks, in order to measure how much time the children have spent watching screens and doing physical exercise. The dependant variables are the children’s BMI which was used to measure the children’s level of fatness. Age, gender and socioeconomic background of the participants were the control variables. The method was clear and would be easy to follow. However, the independent and dependant variables were difficult to identify based on the information given in the method and most of the data collected relied on self-reporting, limiting its accuracy. This method whilst being cost effective can led various biases including the social desirability bias. This is when participants do not answer questions truthfully so that they may be viewed favourably by the person conducting the research. For instance people may report lower time spent watching television than in reality on the MARCA, as this would be viewed positively. People also make mistakes when remembering things so it is unlikely that self-report measures based on memory will be fully accurate. The use of self -report measures therefore make it difficult to generalise these results to the whole of Australia. 1039 participants had their results analysed in this sample, which is a relatively large sample size, increasing the accuracy of this research. 537 participants were male, so there was a very similar number of…

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  • Abuse In Children

    First, a Child Abuse Potential Inventory is conducted on the parents. This is a 160-item self-report measure involving attitudes and beliefs believed to be predictive of physical child abuse potential. Following that, a 7-point Likert scale was used, reporting on how frequently they use physical punishment on their children, from 1 (not at all) to 7 (often.) Higher total scores represent more severe discipline behavior, which, as compared to some other research methods such as observation, can…

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  • Needs Assessment

    Likert-type or frequency scales use fixed choice response formats and are designed to measure attitudes or opinions (Bowling, 1997). It is an evidence based survey that uses a 5 or 7 point scale that participants can use to express opinions and the intensity of their opinions. Likert scale survey was generated and 60 surveys were placed in the teachers’ mailboxes with a note explaining the purpose of the needs assessment. In order to receive more responses, the survey was anonymous. This allowed…

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  • Indirect Self Report

    and accuracy of the personality assessment. The Personality will affect the emotions such as feelings and thoughts and it shapes our behaviours. The way we are responding to a personality test can affect the results. Self-presentation. One of the limitations of self-report is self-presentation. As a self, the person likes to show himself in two forms. One is self-aware form and another is unconscious form. Self-aware form is impression management and it includes fake results, telling lies and…

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  • Gender Equality In The 1960's

    The idea of the typical woman was prevalent in society. Women were expected to stay at home and take care of the home. They had to stay at home, raise the children, clean, cook, and do whatever their husbands told them to do. Women are still expected to do this in some rural parts of the country, but the majority of the population does not have to deal with these expectations. In the nineteen sixties women were considered to be inferior to men and therefore had to do everything that they…

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  • Social Psychology Of Ferguson Analysis

    The understanding that through this particular reading I find no common correlation to the events in Ferguson, MO; however, the diagnoses of social psychology as emphasized by Emma Higgins is strangely so me. I have utterly been educated and reevaluated myself through Emma Higgins’s The Social Psychology of Ferguson. As accentuated by Higgins, “Let’s first look at some of the ways prejudices are perpetuated and affect our behavior.” A common misinterpretation in situations that we claim to find…

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  • Essay On Implicit Prejudice

    Prejudice is a very common attitude in today’s society. A negative attitude toward people who belong to a specific social group,” is the common definition, which leads to the topic of racism. All over the country, I’ve heard people attribute racism to parents teaching their children a certain way and that is what ultimately leads to it. However, the scientific study of prejudice explains that racial and ethnic groups are far more alike than different. It also explains that differences between…

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  • What Is Cerruti's Response To Critical Thinking?

    Mid-Term Exam 2016 The following are my written responses to the denoted questions for my mid-term exam in Professional Issues. Question 1: Here I will define “critical thinking” and discuss the impact of critical thinking by a physical therapist on “quality” and “value”, which are components of the updated vision 2020. Critical thinking is a purposefully refined and elevated mode of thinking wherein an individual asserts control over their own biases and innate tendencies, approaches…

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  • American Media Bias

    As said by Al Franken the award winning American comedian “The biases the media has are much bigger than conservative or liberal. They 're about getting ratings, about making money, about doing stories that are easy to cover.” A strong media bias can be proven in the United States through, viewer distribution and viewers trust in different media sources, journalist ideologies, and issues focused on by the media. Biased meaning that the media reports on certain stories and events that favor their…

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  • Critical Thinking Reflection Paper

    For the past few weeks, I have learned about the concept of critical thinking. Learning about what it is to be a critical thinker has led me to a path of self-actualization, for it has allowed me to embrace what I do not know and to strive for the understanding of the unknown. The course on critical thinking has allowed me to analyze what I stand for and to recognize, strengthen, and even change my views by taking all sides of an argument into consideration to reach a conclusion. One of the…

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