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  • Audiology Reflection

    In the course of Counseling in Audiology I class, I discovered several valuable concepts that are essential to my development as a counselor and as a professional. Additionally, my duties as a health care provider involve several counseling services including building adult relationships, pediatric counseling considerations, mental health considerations, and multicultural considerations. During my progression in becoming an effective counselor the areas I decided to discuss were 1) what is not counseling in audiology, 2) strategies to effective reasoning, 3) how to have a difficult conversation, and 4) resilience. Building Adult Relationships: What is not counseling in audiology? Last year during the summer semester I had my first clinic…

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  • Essay On Audiology Career

    Extra Credit The field of audiology has a high population of older adults. As a Communication Disorders major, Audiology is one of the career options one could choose to follow. I have been debating the option of becoming an Audiologist and this is why I chose to interview my audiology professor. Dr. Grijalva graduated with her Audiology doctorate three years ago, which means she is up to date with the current procedures to become an Audiologist. To become an audiologist you need to first get…

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  • Hearing Aids Case Study

    Clem grew up in Kyneton, a small town in the bush far removed from the larger and busier Kyneton we know today. He never noticed any problems with his hearing and doesn’t recall it ever causing him any grief. When Clem was 6 or 7 the local school he attended had a hearing screening he was subsequently identified as being ‘deaf or deficient in hearing’. Despite Clem being able to speak and communicate well enough that no one noticed any problems this scenario did not pan out like it would these…

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  • Locked Hearing Aids Summary

    Most of the time, patients have no idea their hearing aid is locked until they seek another hearing aid provider. Furthermore, at national hearing aid chains you will often served by hearing aid dealers, not licensed doctors of audiology. In the state of North Carolina, licensed hearing aid dealers typically only need a high school diploma and minimal on-the-job training to get a license, whereas audiologists have close to a decade of university medical training in all aspects of hearing…

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  • A Career In Audiology

    knowledge of the subject did not suit. Honestly I found the field of pharmacy to be more emotionless than I had first anticipated. Of course, my heartfelt interest in science and the human body has not subsided, in fact it has matured – but in a different direction to the first field I had interest in. I then instantly sought to find out what would really match my skills, persona and passion. It was actually a conversation with my grandmother’s doctor who is an audiologist that led me to the…

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  • Deaf Like Me Book Report

    Deaf Like Me In the book “Deaf Like Me,” by Thomas S. Spardley and James P Spardley, a father and uncle a go on a journey to share the struggle of teaching their deaf daughter/ niece how to communicate. Thomas and Louise live in Minnesota with their son Bruce. Thomas is a teacher at Carleton College, and Louise is a stay at home mom. Louise, the mother, finds out that while she is pregnant she developed German measles. When the doctors asks if Louise was pregnant she informed the doctor that if…

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  • Essay On Unilateral Hearing Loss

    “Unilateral hearing loss (UHL) means that hearing is normal in one ear but there is hearing loss in the other ear. The hearing loss can range from mild to very severe (ASHA).” Many children with unilateral hearing loss are identified at birth through newborn hearing screening programs. Early identification and intervention of hearing loss can slow down the progression or stop the hearing loss process. Early intervention is highly important for children who have unilateral hearing loss.…

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  • Caregiver Decision-Making Factors

    The purpose of this study was to explore the influence of decision-making factors of caregivers of children with hearing loss regarding the use of speech, the use of sign, spoken language multilingualism, and spoken language choice. Often, caregivers are making these important decisions while often not knowing the effects it will have on them and their child. According to the article, the previous studies “(a) allowed for a comprehensive set of potential factors to be examined, (b) allowed for…

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  • Love Is Never Silent Analysis

    In the movie, “Love is Never Silent”, Margaret Ryder (Maggie), a hearing daughter to two deaf parents, grew up during the Great Depression, where the lives between the hearing and the deaf were very segregated. Her parents did not interact with hearing people and relied on Maggie to interpret all situations necessary, including very difficult situations involving money, health and death. Maggie was very unselfish growing up, making her parents her number one priority, which forced her to set…

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  • Audiology Personal Statement

    When my sister was 6 years old, the doctors determined that she had a cholesteatoma. I was fascinated by the hearing tests, unique communication issues, prosthetics, hearing aids, and barriers to learning that she encountered. My curiosity with the fields of Audiology, Deaf Education, and American Sign Language interpreting grew as time progressed. After my first Audiology class, I found Audiology to be my cynosure. Upon researching graduate schools, I came across Syracuse University for…

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