Auditory learning

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  • Essay On Peak Performer

    Some of the items that I scored low on were writing, adapting to change, and knowing how you learn (Bethel University, 2013). I have always known that I do not do well with writing, but I know through practice that I can improve my writing. I believe that through practice and taking the criticism that I receive then I can better my writing and learn from my mistakes. Most people do not adapt well with change so this item did not surprise me. I try to improve everyday and know that change takes time and this is something that will be a constant improvement for me. Lastly, knowing how you learn is another area that I scored low on. This is another learning tool that I will find out how I learn and ways that I can improve my learning…

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  • The Correlation Between Music And Behavioral Psychology

    research of human’s auditory system shows that 85 decibel is a normal daily life sounds, such as sound of busy city traffic that can be exposed for 8 hours without influencing auditory system. As the decimal goes higher the exposure time gets lower. The regular earphone goes up to is 105~120 decibels. As people listen to music, they make tolerance to level of the sound and higher the volume to eliminate the sound that is unrelated from the music. If you’re constantly listening to music using…

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  • Sensory Organs

    It starts off with a man at a beach and he tries to start a fire, but his lighter is broken. Then he starts a fire the old- fashioned way using the materials he has. He successfully starts a fire, and his partner joins him on the beach for a relaxing evening. In the advertisement, a male voice is heard listing the side effects of the drug which are, headache, upset stomach, and blurred vision. The setting seems peaceful which connects the viewer of being relaxed and drawn into it. The auditory…

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  • Hearing Loss Process

    Sound can be found in every aspect of life, and the function of the ears allows one to process these noises and send them to the brain. The human ear has three main parts that work together in order to perform the necessary job: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear, the section that is visible to the human eye, allows sounds to enter through the ear canal. The eardrum separates the outer ear from the middle ear. When sound reached the middle ear, the ossicles, which…

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  • Ear Drum Observation

    experimentation, and class discussions. After reviewing the lesson, I have concluded that I think it is effective in teaching students about sound waves and the ear drum. The lesson provided a great opportunity for students to be involved in a hands-on experiment in which students make their own model of an ear drum. They have to work cooperatively with their peers and follow directions in order to make an accurate ear drum. Students responded very well throughout the entire lesson. They were…

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  • Essay On Unilateral Hearing Loss

    teacher might find a suitable seating for the child where the attention is directed towards the teacher. The teacher can also provide visual aids such as handouts to complement oral lessons. If the child is still having difficulties in social situations and setting in the classroom, the parents can seek the help pf a counselor or other school professionals like audiologists. There are many treatment options for children with unilateral hearing loss. Most of the children with hearing loss…

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  • Five Special Senses

    that contain taste hairs. Taste hairs have receptors in which chemicals are bound and impulses are stimulated. There are five primary taste sensations: sour, sweet, bitter, salty, and umami. Only one of the five tastes is detected by a single taste receptor cell. The sensory impulses from these cells travel on fibers of the glossopharyngeal, facial, and vagus nerves to the medulla oblongata. 3. Sense of Hearing The ear is associated with the sense of hearing. The inner ear, also known as the…

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  • Music Therapy And Rehabilitation

    As sound waves enter the ear, they travel through the outer ear, the external auditory canal, and strike the eardrum (tympanic membrane) causing it to vibrate. The central part of the eardrum is connected to a small bone of the middle ear called the malleus (hammer). As the malleus vibrates, it transmits the sound vibrations to the other two small bones (incus, stapes) or ossicles of the middle ear, the incus and stapes. As the stapes moves, it pushes a structure called the oval window in and…

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  • Neuroanatomy Assignment

    integrating information to and from the cerebral cortex using the many nuclei that lie within it. [10] Another vital role of the thalamus is to maintain consciousness of the animal. [11] This would account for the reduced mental status of the Labrador in this case, as the fleshy matter was located here. The lateral geniculate nuclei (LGN) are ‘olive’ like in shape and are found either side in the posterior thalamus. They receive input via the optic tract, which is the link between the thalamus…

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  • Volleyball Observation Report

    hear what my teammates are doing in order to avoid confusion. To hear, I need to convert the sound waves of my teammates voices into something that my brain can decipher. My ears do this through mechanical chain reactions. When the ball is served and is in the vicinity of both my teammate, and myself she will yell “Got it!” to let me know not to go for the ball. Initiating the chain reaction, my outer ear sends the sound waves through the auditory canal to the eardrum, which vibrates with the…

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