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  • Why Architecture Matters By Paul Goldberger

    largely portrayed by the function of the building, this suggests that the interior of a building should and does impose are larger emotional response than the form. Paul Goldberger also mentions in “Architecture as Space”. Space can feel “large, small, open, confined, disorienting, protective, exhilarating, oppressive, generous, mean, clear, mysterious, soft and/or hard”. These emotions come with the space created and function of the buildings contribute strongly to those feelings. Both The metro Centre in Auckland CBD and St Kevin’s arcade are both public spaces which have very comparable functions although serve quite different demographics which in analysis reflect the different emotions these two buildings evoke on the viewer. Both public spaces, the Metro Entertainment Centre and St Kevin’s Arcade are made up of retail stores and cafés or cinemas, arcade and food courts. Although both buildings purpose and form are different. St Kevin’s Arcade, on Karangahape Road in Auckland’s CBD, is also a public link between Karangahape Road with Myers Park below whilst providing a space for people to eat and drink in a relaxed environment. In comparison with the Metro, it is quite a lot smaller in scale. This enclosed space is bordered by glass fronted boutiques and intimate cafes with the exterior facade being of the same classical aesthetic as that of the neighbouring buildings, thus showing its age and its lifespan somewhat within K Rd context. The layout of the space is very…

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  • Reputation Management Case Study

    organisation, the Ports of Auckland and analyse the management, interaction and direct consequences of it’s publics. The Ports of Auckland (PoA) located on the Waitemata harbour, is the largest container seaport in New Zealand, with container volumes representing ‘50.38% of the Upper North Island container trade, 42% of the North Island container trade and 31.3% of New Zealand 's total container trade’ (Ports of Auckland, 2015). Along with this, PoA provide towage, linesman and pilotage…

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  • Beer Consumption Essay

    Auckland International campus GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT PROJECT PROPOSAL ON Beer Consumption Trends of the People in Auckland, New Zealand STUDENT NAME: Rajan Sigdel STUDENT ID: 1000019226 JANUARY 2016 Academic supervisor: Mr. Freddy Bariava INTRODUCTION and BACKGROUND Being a multicultural country, New Zealand is largely seen as a cautious society regarding alcohol use. But with the passage of time, traditional sanctions and caste-bound restraints have disappeared. The…

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  • Essay On Osteoarthritis

    more deprived areas (Waitemata District Health Board, 2011).8.9% of the DHB population is Maori, 7.3% Pacific and 14.2% are Asian. The bulk of the Maori population and the big majority of the Pacific population live in Waitakere. There is a higher number of more deprived areas in Waitakere city compared to the North Shore or Rodney areas (Waitemata District Health Board, 2009). d) Relevant publically funded health institutions, their locations and access There are two PHOs in the Waitemata…

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  • Veganization Theory

    High crime rates in the region of Auckland City is not a new form of social phenomenon. Beyond that, It holds a long historical ongoing societal problem claiming problematic issue each year. There have been many dilemmas of crime practices within the Auckland Centre Business District (CBD). The crime rates inside the Auckland CBD has shockingly outraged many New Zealanders opinions towards the dispute of public safety in Auckland. For instance, the repeatedly scandalous violent robberies on…

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  • Construction Of Bridge Over Waitemata Construction

    Project background Auckland is the largest city and main transport or business hub of New Zealand. Moreover it is a financial capital of New Zealand most of the economy of the country based on this city. St Marys Bay and Northcote are the two suburb of Auckland and its population in 2006 was 2,481 (1) and 4,122 (2). It is estimated by government of New Zealand that major structure breakdown will occur during upcoming ten years. New Zealand government found that lack of connection between two…

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  • The Impact Of Tourism Attractions In New Zealand

    After two weeks of showing Moira and Jeffery Smith around Auckland, it is clear that there are some elements that need to be improved on, in order to meet the expectation of tourists, with the same demands as the Smiths. The Smiths were part of New Zealand’s major target market sector, the premier tourist, the High Net-Worth Individuals, tourists whose daily spend immensely exceeds the average visitor spend. Satisfying this sector is vastly important to New Zealand, as it has the ability to…

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  • Aspects Of The CAGES Model

    positively and negatively. Within the context of Auckland, I have continuously felt disengaged with this largely Eurocentric society of Auckland, being from a mixed ethnic background Iranian culture has a huge influence on my life. This links in with gender, and class and how these branches of the model link in with the society of Auckland in relation to myself. The Iranian embassy (2010) estimate 8000 Iranians living in New Zealand, I am part of this statistic, and this number has most…

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  • The Importance Of Urban Planning

    100G/101, 2015). Advancements in transport, building material, science and more meant planners could extent the limits of their design and scale of their plans. Therefore planning is heavily influenced by technology and urbanisation and within my academic essay I will outline the pressures and opportunities technology created during the 19th century. By comparing two similar cities, their developments in that time period and discussing what it meant for that cities future. The city I have chosen…

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  • Muririwai Case Study

    Muriwai is on the west coast of the Auckland Region in the North Island of New Zealand. It is due west of the Hauraki Gulf on the east coast and about mid-way between the entrances to the Auckland harbour (north) and the Manukau harbour (south). Maori Bay (to the south) is separated from Muriwai Beach and Otakamiro Point, with its steep cliffs and rocky nesting areas. The environment under study is about 3km long, from the Okiritoto stream in the north to Maori Bay in the south. Muriwai Coastal…

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