The Importance Of Urban Planning

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Planning is a process, and humans have been planning for as long as they have been living in communities. This process has been refined and altered over multiple centuries and even today the planning process is evolving. However planning has mostly only occurred when big technological advancements and opportunities came about, the biggest advancements or rather the rapid changes and the time period when planners were most needed occurred when people changed their thinking. Known as the paradigm shift of understanding, it was when rational thinking occurred and industry, the nation state and rights of an individual were considered and adopted (Reeves, Introduction Urban Planning: UPLAN 100G/101, 2015). Advancements in transport, building material, science and more meant planners could extent the limits of their design and scale of their plans. Therefore planning is heavily influenced by technology and urbanisation and within my academic essay I will outline the pressures and opportunities technology created during the 19th century. By comparing two similar cities, their developments in that time period and discussing what it meant for that cities future. The city I have chosen to compare to Auckland is London because …show more content…
Both cities went through massive changes which also set the base foundation for sure changes that occurred rapidly during the time period. Highlights such as the creation/improvement of ports, transport systems, machine tools, building materials and more are some of the opportunities created. However both cities also suffered pressures which planners were needed to try levitate the pressure by providing services for the people. To end, Auckland and London are two very similar cities In terms of urbanization and technological advancements and these two cities are responsible for each other’s

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