Reputation Management Case Study

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Reputation Management is integral to any organisation hoping to build a strong relationship with it’s various publics. Traditionally, reputation management has been seen as how an organisation ‘manages relations with all of a company’s key constituencies through the appropriate media’ (Argenti & Druckenmiller, 2004). With the ever changing environment of social media, and societies’ core values, reputation management is a growing element in any major organisation. This primarily focuses on managing the corporate reputation, a collective of ‘judgments of a corporation based on assessments of financial, social and environmental impacts attributed to the corporation over time’ (Financial Times, n.d.). For the management of this reputation to …show more content…
All of this culminates to provide the manifested identity, providing ‘a specific set of more or less tightly coupled elements that have characterised the organisation over a period of time’ (Moingeon & Soenen, 2002).

To demonstrate how integral reputation management’s relationship is with an organisation’s publics, we will look at a local organisation, the Ports of Auckland and analyse the management, interaction and direct consequences of it’s publics.

The Ports of Auckland (PoA) located on the Waitemata harbour, is the largest container seaport in New Zealand, with container volumes representing ‘50.38% of the Upper North Island container trade, 42% of the North Island container trade and 31.3% of New Zealand 's total container trade’ (Ports of Auckland, 2015). Along with this, PoA provide towage, linesman and pilotage services to both the Waitemata and Manakau Harbours, employing approximately 420 staff, and are completely owned by the Auckland Council. This creates a wide variety of publics, and invested interest. With such diverse publics, each with differentiating interests of the corporation, there are challenges with communicating the right corporate image and identity, that represents the organisation in an honest and ethical way, but also a way that is ideal for most
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Moingeon & Soenen (2002) discusses that the concept of corporate image is ‘multidimensional one if we consider all possible corporate publics that form an impression of the company when they, directly or indirectly, interact with it’. The behaviour and actions of the PoA are analysed by the the various publics for individuals to create their own conclusion and opinion of the organisation. For the Ports of Auckland, image in regards to physical appearance is not an issue. The large amount of space the Seaport clams of the Auckland Waterfront and the Waitemata Harbour with the whole area operating 24/7 means that all publics are able to ascertain an opinion on this busy, and constant organisation. It is also the size of the operation that has had a negative impact on the Ports of Auckland image. Loud machinery from the ships and the constant construction at all hours has left some nearby residents upset, altering their perception of the

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