Construction Of Bridge Over Waitemata Construction

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Project background
Auckland is the largest city and main transport or business hub of New Zealand. Moreover it is a financial capital of New Zealand most of the economy of the country based on this city. St Marys Bay and Northcote are the two suburb of Auckland and its population in 2006 was 2,481 (1) and 4,122 (2). It is estimated by government of New Zealand that major structure breakdown will occur during upcoming ten years. New Zealand government found that lack of connection between two suburbs and people have to chosen an alternative transport method for example ferry and floating pontoons (3) or reduce their trips across the harbour because the car trip was too inconvenient via the long route to reach St Marys Bay to Northcote suburb
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 The bridge will connect two suburbs St Marys Bay and Northcote the length of the bridge will be 1,020 meters.
 For completing the project I will recruit 10,000 new employees till 25th April 2015.
 On 11th April 2015 I will made contract with New Zealand steel, Allied Concrete and Mineral West Cost companies for supplying of natural resources.
 The bridge will contain six lanes and it will be capable of carrying more than 50 tonnes.
 The bridge will start on 5th May 2015 and end till 2025.

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The bridge contains nine lanes 12.8 meters (5) which is capable of carrying more than 50 tonnes. Furthermore guard rails will be installed on the both side of the bridge.

 Scope Excluded
The bridge will only make for vehicle such as car, bus and truck. It will not have any rail track and tunnels for the train. Moreover it is not type of Bascule Bridge for example Tower Bridge in London so it do not have hydraulics all the section of bridge will be permanently fit

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