Andrew Carnegie My Hero

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He grew up in poverty and became the richest man on earth. His name was Andrew Carnegie. And he is my hero. I admire him the most because of his persistency and generosity.

When he was a young man, his boss Thomas A. Scott told Carnegie: I want a bridge. Over the Mississippi river. A bridge that is strong enough to hold a train. With this we can continue the westward expansion (Keep in mind, it was a wish not a command). Back in the days, just after the Civil War, the railroads were getting popular. They carried goods across the continent. But a bridge that can hold a train across the four mile span of the Mississippi river? He could not think of a cheap and strong material to do this.

But loyal and wanting to fulfill his boss’s dream,
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People started to revolt. Some people hadn’t got paid yet. They threatened him that they might strike back or send him to jail. But keeping his cool, he reached out to many investors convincing them about the future of steel. It took Carnegie four-years to create the Eads bridge. But even after the Eads bridge he still had troubles. His main customer for steel, the railroads collapsed. Even then he managed to find a new use for steel as construction material for large buildings. Thus earning the profound title, “King of Steel.”

Andrew was mostly known for his generosity. After he became the richest man in the world by selling his steel mills to J.P Morgan, he spent about 50 million dollars on education (more than billions of dollars in current value). He didn’t want kids growing up in poverty like he did. He built over 3,000 public libraries and gave money to many universities in need. He wanted to help those in need of education.

Andrew carnegie is my hero because, he possessed the qualities and the skills I aspire. Clever, generous and won’t give up. As an avid reader, he has insatiable thirst for knowledge. That is the perfect image of my

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