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  • Characteristics Of Lobeth And Queen Elizabeth

    Characteristics of a good King or Queen can all be defined as the following truthfulness, compassion, determination, and regulating. King Louis IVX and Queen Elizabeth I showed these characteristics throughout their reign. They both seen as a living symbol of God, and the people held their faith they had in there reigning regime so that, nothing could destroy their kingdom nor their faith. Louis and Elizabeth upheld the values of allegiance, bravery, and belief. In the 17th century in Europe, England, and France, there were different monarchies such as absolutism and constitutionalism. King Louis IVX is an absolute monarchy because he was the only child ascended to the throne. Meanwhile Elizabeth is considered a constitutional monarchy because she formed a government in which acts as Head of State. They both had similar goals of controlling their kingdom because they loved power. Louis and Elizabeth had to support their throne by using God as an example of unity. Queen Elizabeth showed throughout her life that she was strong-minded by fighting for what she wants. Queen Elizabeth I was born as the mistress child of her father King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Growing up for Elizabeth was not easy, because most of the society would not accept her or Anne Boleyn. In her own days, the decision to stay single was considered irrational and risky. A queen needed a husband to make political decisions on her and to organize and lead her military campaigns. Queen Elizabeth wanted to…

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  • How Did Empress Theodora Impact The World

    Empress Theodora and Elizabeth I impacted their respective empire or kingdom by doing the best the could for their homes . During the time they were alive they were very powerful woman . Empress Theodora helped the woman a lot she changed many rules for they could be equal to men . Elizabeth I was very brave she did not care who you were she was not afraid . She was her own person she did not care what others thought of her she did not care that she had no kids or husband she was married to her…

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  • Compare And Contrast Empress Theodora And Elizabeth 1

    “Empress Theodora.” and “Elizabeth I.” Essay In the informational articles entitled “Empress Theodora” and “Elizabeth I” The World Almanac and Milton Meltzer discusses that both articles show that Queen Elizabeth and Empress Theodora both impacted their respective kingdoms by making many changes that improved women’s status and that made everyone equal. Their rules still apply to many countries today. The two women are considered a great importance during their time. Elizabeth and Theodora…

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  • Richard III Loyalty Essay

    All of the characters in Richard III only care about their own person gains and are disinterested in the wellbeing of others, which causes continuous cycle of power in the monarchy. The characters take bribes, do whatever they can to get power, and make enemies before they take the throne. The characters in Richard III are only loyal to themselves, which is why everything they do is for their own good. The supporters only remain loyal to the side of the fight that benefits them more. At the…

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  • Tsar Nicholas II Coronation

    In May 1896, the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II only succeeded in highlighting the conceited opulence, indulgence of the Romanov dynasty, and the complete lack of caution regarding the ever-increasing discontent among the Russian peasantry of the late 19th century. The actions or lack thereof of the Tsar and his dignitaries to the tragedy that plagued the coronation itself emphasised the lack of compassion toward their citizens. While it is obvious to see from the collection of diary entries…

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  • Vienna Coronation Gospels Analysis

    The Vienna Coronation Gospels was created before the year, ca. 800. It is an illuminated manuscript hand-written by the scribes and miniaturists at Charlemagne’s court in Aachen. The Coronation Gospels contains four full page evangelist portraits. These images are richly illuminated with each page being written on purple dyed parchment in gold and silver ink. These elements are indicative of Roman Imperial culture, both in the attention to luxury and in colour scheme. It is in this way that the…

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  • Copper Masks

    She argues that the mask’s symbolism has everything to do with Obalufon, his rule and the fact that he is a deity (386). She discusses Obalufon in great detail and uses those details along with the information discussed in her subtopics to connect the mask to coronation ceremonies. For example, Biler mentions that Yoruba people associated the deified Obalufon with peace, prosperity, war, and fortune (391). This information could explain why in more recent Ife coronation ceremonies, the crown was…

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  • Girls On Film Analysis

    Monika Bartyzel wrote “Girls on Film: The Real Problem with the Disney Princess Brand” as part of her collection of writings, “Girls on Film”, for The Week: All You Need to Know About Everything that Matters. Bartyzel wrote this article in 2013 shortly after the Disney coronation of Merida from the film Brave. Bartyzel writes to an audience of women, likely with a feminist perspective. This particular article is also geared towards mothers of daughters who would have an interest in Disney’s…

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  • The Most Successful Anti-Monarchal Revolution

    III died from nephritis, passing the throne on to Nicholas II (“Who Were the Romanovs?”). Within the Winter Palace, Nicholas began his rule with Alexandra by his side. The isolation of the Romanov family from the Russian public began shortly after Nicholas’s coronation, following the events of the Khodynka Tragedy (Gilbert). Following long-held tradition, the day after the formal coronation of the tsar, a giant feast complete with free food and beer was held for the common-folk of Moscow at the…

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  • Charlemagne: Father Of Europe

    His reform focused on the strengthening of the church 's power structure, improving and standardising liturgical practices, and the rooting out of paganism. This rooting out is seen horrifically in the so called Verden Massacre. With his imperial coronation, he controlled ecclesiastical property and defined Christian doctrine. Despite the harsh legislation, he had grown a well developed support from the clergy who approved his desire to deepen the piety and morals of his Christian subjects. At…

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