Characteristics Of Lobeth And Queen Elizabeth

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Characteristics of a good King or Queen can all be defined as the following truthfulness, compassion, determination, and regulating. King Louis IVX and Queen Elizabeth I showed these characteristics throughout their reign. They both seen as a living symbol of God, and the people held their faith they had in there reigning regime so that, nothing could destroy their kingdom nor their faith. Louis and Elizabeth upheld the values of allegiance, bravery, and belief. In the 17th century in Europe, England, and France, there were different monarchies such as absolutism and constitutionalism. King Louis IVX is an absolute monarchy because he was the only child ascended to the throne. Meanwhile Elizabeth is considered a constitutional monarchy because …show more content…
In King Louis speech “On Social Order and Absolute Monarchy”. He would use God to portray the peace and unity of his government and why his people are good since God kept everything together. Louis and Elizabeth were politicians that used God to make everything that they would say is not from them but from the words of God. In Elizabeth I’s. “Speech to the Troops at Tilbury” she used God in the since that she tried to buy the troops out saying they deserve a crown but yet she knew most of them would die in the war. She brainwashed the troops making them feel that God is very proud of them all. In this speech there is so much compassion and determination that she will fight for her kingdom. The very words of her speech, as well as her detailed presence at the event, contributed to create a distinct and supreme frontrunner at this event. Louis XIV had a passion for glory and used it to fight wars because he was motivated by particular and ruling considerations. In Elizabeth speech she said I a lot to make it show she has control of her kingdom and the people actually believed in what she said. In Elizabeth’s speech said that “she happily was born a servitor of the almighty God” (Queen Elizabeth’s Response to the Parliament’s Request that She Marry). Elizabeth knew by saying this, she would live her life for God that she would win the people to make her there

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