Strengthes And Weaknesses Of King Louis XIV, The Sun King

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Do you know who King Louis XIV is? Well King Louis XIV is the Sun King and is the longest reigning monarch in European history. King Louis XIV left a permanent mark on France’s economy and destiny. King Louis XIV was not just a king, but a leader, he built France’s to its highest point in that time. Louis did this using many tactical policies and strategies. If it was not taxing the nobility to incorporating mercantilism. Not only did Louis build a great economy for France but he also built up their military by increasing its amount of people by 10 times in size. Also, establishing a strong centralized government for France he built the Palace of Versailles and had the nobles as his servants. King Louis XIV is one of best leaders in history, …show more content…
King Louis XIV is very known and recognizable because of his ability to have complete control over France using his strategical policies and tactics. Also King Louis XIV has an amazing 72 year rule. Louis was able to rebuild France 's economy and make it better than it ever was. Louis didn 't even tax the nobility which might have seemed ludicrous but this was smart because this prevented Louis to have revolts and punishments. Louis did this through his power and incorporation of mercantilism. Louis was able to make the exporting a lot cheaper and bring in much revenue through his importing. This made Louis very powerful and soon enough his became the absolute ruler of France. In addition, Louis centrialed France’s government, this was mainly done by the Palace of Versailles which was the central part housed by the French government. Although, this Palace was highly expensive it made Louis a stronger and definitely a more powerful ruler. This house gave Louis the power to make the nobles his servants. The nobles even had to survive through his generosity, this gave much power to Louis. Lastly, Louis increased the military 's France by tenfold. This was done by Louis having skilled men from the street and having a lottery to bring people in and join. In 1635 France’s military was at 25,000 by 1959 it went up to 250,000. King Louis XIV was the best absolute ruler throughout history because of his ability to gain absolute control over France by using his strategic and skillful policies. King Louis XIV had many strengths and few weaknesses this is why he is not only a great leader but the best absolute

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