Anglo-Zulu War

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  • Analysis Of John Chard In The Battle Of Rorke's Drift

    Analysis of John Chard in The Battle of Rorke’s Drift Intro: In this paper I will be looking into the leadership styles exhibited by Lt. John Chard at the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. I will be using the Army Values as a standard to compare Lt. Chard’s actions against and will decide if Lt. Chard is to be considered as a leader worthy of emulation or if he is an example of what not to imitate. Summary of Battle: On 02 DEC 1878, the British Empire wanted to conduct an invasion into the land of the Zulu Kingdom, one of mightiest African kingdoms to have ever thrived in Africa. They held a battle at Isandlwana and were completely annihilated by the Zulu warriors. Less than 16 km to the west was a small missionary outpost with only 350 men including…

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  • The Influence Of Music And The Culture Of South African Music

    The town of Cape of Good Hope (later Cape Town) was established by the Dutch East Indian Company in 1652. As the Dutch settlers expanded east they encountered the Xhosa people and a series of wars were fought over land and livestock interests (Wikipedia, South Africa n.d.). The British however, wanted control of the area for a waylay station for their colonies in India and Australia, and took over in 1795 while the Dutch were distracted in their war with France. Conflicts naturally arose between…

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  • Differences Of The Zulu And Maasai Tribe

    on two unique tribes: the Zulu tribe from Southern Africa, and the Masaai tribe from Eastern Africa. Although these two tribes are both from the same continent, their practices of tradition are very different. Their cultures were created long ago so they have very specific traditions that are vital to the culture, and make it what it is. They are sacred traditions. Four aspects of Zulu and Maasai culture that I will be talking about in this paper are birth rituals, coming of age or puberty…

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  • The Story Of Buhlaluse By Umona Usuka Eweni

    This story is a serious warning not to get into anti-social schemes. Proverb: Umona usuka esweni (Jealousy comes from the eye / Jealousy displeasure) Jealousy is the theme of uBuhlaluse beNkosi. In this story Buhlaluse is the victim of jealousy. She has done nothing wrong but finds herself in the undesirable position of not being liked by her companions. All because her they are envious of her beauty and her royal status as a result, they try to kill her. Language usage: In Zulu society proverbs…

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  • Sorrow Of The Lonely And The Burning Of The Dancers: An Analysis

    been talking about Bektashism for a while, I think it is time to start comparing it to traditions of other religions and beliefs. A tradition that I identify most different with Bektashism, and one that was analyzed by Gluckman in his exerts of Rituals of Rebellion in South-East Africa, is the ritual rebellion of the Zulu women reversing gender roles in order to bring forth agricultural fertility. The Nowkubulwana ceremony attempts at bringing a good harvest through the protest of women’s…

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  • King Philip 2 Of Spain Analysis

    Philip II of Spain was a dignified king who sought to achieve the best for his country. However, during his reign as king, King Philip II was unrightfully murdered one night. The group of people who ended the king’s life all had one similarity. They all had a list of motives to backup why they plotted against the King of Spain. These motives fueled the hatred burning within the assassins lead them to conspire against Philip and ultimately kill him. To seek revenge William of Orange, Antonio…

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  • Paganism In Beowulf Essay

    Although Christianity dominated the Anglo Saxon lifestyle, paganism was a present reality still being practiced. Paganism is a religion based on animism, or the belief that spirits resided in everything ("What Is Paganism?”). Pagans often worshipped multiple Gods, sacrificed animals and other commodities, and loved feasting and participating in festivals. An individuals destiny, fate, and glory were all important to Anglo Saxon’s in that they believed that immortality could be earned through…

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  • The Role Of Heroes In Literature

    control and not be overthrown, he needs to be generous to his people and his army. Heroes also are generous to the people, ultimately gaining their trust, and then authority. In literature, devices like foreshadowing can help to illustrate the periodicity of benevolence and points to the final result. Heroism and royalty both follow a cycle of generosity and result in power. Foreshadowing is used to accentuate the cycle between the heroes and royalty and emphasizes its continuation. Heroes are…

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  • Essay On Viking Culture

    While popular culture depicts Vikings as a very homogeneous warrior group, there were actually many layers and nuances to Norse culture and society. Given that the Viking period extended from 800 AD to 1050 AD, the Norse groups experienced multiple cultural shifts and political shifts that can be seen throughout their stories and cultural artifacts. Prior to the majority of Viking expansion, much of their culture was defined by closely knit kin groups and one’s honor was deeply tied to your…

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  • Interracial Single Parent Families

    There is no direct solution for these problems due to the fact that every interracial couple and family deal with their problems differently, which means they are more likely to find each solution that works for them. Not all solutions can work for all of us however, that does not mean that the possible solutions I provided in this section would not be accomplished. First, the counselors should establish as many possible goals as necessary for their clients to pursue. Establishing goals help a…

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