The Influence Of Interracial Relationships

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Relationships are hard, and they can be even harder when you’re dating someone who is a different race than you.Interracial couples have been stared at while in public and dealt with rude comments from strangers about their relationship. Only forty-four years ago interracial relationships were made legal throughout the country, and it’s more common for people to marry outside of their race. The growth of interracial relationships coincides with changes in the legality of them and what some would consider, changing of negative perceptions towards people in interracial relationships. Even though more people are changing perceptions there are still some with mostly negative attitudes towards interracial relationships. Although the laws don’t …show more content…
Researchers have long been interested to find out about communication within interracial relationships and how those relationships are affected by outside factors. Although there have been many laws created to protect interracial relationships, the stereotypes in each race have caused problematic unions. It wasn 't until 1967 that the Supreme Court ruled interracial marriage as being legal in the United States. Since that ruling 40 years ago, interracial relationships have become more common, but they’re still rare. There are only an estimated 7 percent of interracial marriages in this …show more content…
As a society we can’t change negative attitudes towards interracial dating we never discuss the reason for these attitudes. More research in this area should be done so changes can be made about these negative attitudes towards interracial relationships.
I believe that it is very important to carry out research in an ethical manner and to make sure to bring no harm to any participants of a study. I would follow guidelines and principles that exist to assist in executing ethical research methods. Any research I conduct will always take into thought these guidelines.All participants would sign a consent agreement before participating in any questionnaire or survey.
I would began by creating a survey that ask questions about how often interracial couples encounter discrimination. Than I will create a second survey asking couples how this discrimination affects their communications within their relationship. Interracial couples from the Cenla area would be recruited via telephone during a two week time frame. Couples that were interested in participating would be told to contact me by phone or email..The couples would be emailed consent forms and

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