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  • Anhinga Research Paper

    I. Introduction A. Common and Scientific Names 1. Common Names: anhinga, darter. Also known as: snake bird, water- turkey, and American darter. a. The word of anhinga comes from Brazilian Tupi Language which means devil bird or snake bird (Encyclopedia of Life). 2. Scientific Name: Anhinga anhinga 3. Anhinga anhinga Sub-species a. Anhinga anhinga leucogaster (Viellot 1816; Nelson 2005) b. Anhinga anhinga anhinga (Linnaeus 1766; Nelson 2005) B. Geographic Range 1. Southeast United States to Panama (Encyclopedia of Life) 2. Anhinga’s spotted as far North as Wisconsin, USA. a. Anhinga range is limited by cool temperatures and low amounts of sunshine. b. Anhinga migrate to warmer waters in the fall and winter months, however most Anhinga do…

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  • Observing The Anhinga Bird

    Abstract Anhinga anhinga is a medium sized bird which most do not know about. The purpose of the paper is to give readers an in depth idea of this bird. Most readers living in the southern parts of the United States have seen one in the wild but did not have a clue about this mischievous animal. The bird can go from sun bathing in order to dry off its feathers to diving in order to get some food in seconds. Additionally the bird can stay under the water for minutes without coming up for a…

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  • Jaguar Essay

    thirty-seven species of wild and domestic cats. Although close to the modern jaguar, the prehistoric one was larger, heavier, and had longer legs. It developed into many subspecies, which most of them have likely died off and are extinct by now. According to scientists there are, right now, five to eight modern subspecies, which is barely different from each other. Their diet consists mostly of mammals consisting of: gray brocket deer, rabbits, armadillos, peccaries, salt desert cavies, wild…

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