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  • EPA Environmental Regulation

    public receive safe and healthy food. Furthermore, The FDA is much involved in guiding investors that are interested in the initiation of GM foods’ farms. And to help facilitate this process, the agency has created a consulting program known as the Plant Biotechnology Consultation Program. The Program was started in the 1990’s to cooperatively work with GE plant developers to help them ensure foods made from their new Genetically engineered plant varieties are safe and lawful(“EPA 's Regulation”,2015; Genetically Engineered,…

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  • Genetically Modified Organisms And Its Effects On Species From Self Produced Pesticides

    repel pests to certain crops. Some may argue that the new technology allows easier farming practices, longer lasting produce, and more desirable crops. Using the idea that third world courtiers could benefit from this, by preventing world hunger through the overwhelming food production that is possible. Although this might be true, many others argue that it is believed that GMOs have harmful affects on species via self-produced pesticides and most importantly in human’s long-term health. With…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Gmos

    Although there are given benefits of using GMOs in crop production, such as longer lasting produce, easier farming practices, and more appealing crops there are also harmful effects through the consumption of these products. The negative effects we see are the ways in which GMOs can impact the health of an individual, which is evident here. This is why it is important to establish the requirement of GMO label on all food, so that we can start moving towards the right direction and hopefully get…

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  • What´s Genetically Modified Organisms?

    This process has since evolved to take hold into our plants and animals that we now consume on a daily basis. Almost all of the items that you consume on a daily basis has a wilder, less edible counterpart that once was. We can use the example of genetically modified maize or better known as corn. Corn was first domesticated around 7,000 BC and according to studies, was barely edible and had the consistency of a raw potato. Between artificial selection and genetically modifying this crop, it has…

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  • Essay On Puppy Mill

    are kept in unimaginable conditions. They are kept in stacked, cramped wire cages, covered in their own filth. Many are sick, malnourished, never leave their cages, or even see the light of day. They have no idea what it feels like to be loved and cared for. The people running these facilities are only in it for profit and have no care for the wellbeing of the animals. The only way to stop the mass production of puppies, is to stop buying them from pet stores. If there is no profit, puppy…

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  • Genetically Modified Animals: A Comparative Essay

    Traditionally, plants and animals have been selectively bred or cross breed, in order to create specific strains or lineages to express ideal traits or attributes. Farmers or biologists would typically gather pollen by hand using a cone shaped piece of sand paper, transferring them to female flower parts. It would have take tens of years to achieve desired results over many generations. Animals are bred similarly by artificial insemination or matching male and female candidates; in contrast,…

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  • The Importance Of Genetically Modified Organisms

    crops and animals are sources of food commonly enhanced by genetically modified organisms. Although many states require the labeling of GMOs, there are many that do not. Often genetically modified foods are the cause of allergies and other health problems affecting consumers ate.…

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  • Regulate Animal Testing Essay

    While animal testing cannot be completely irradiated, we can prevent pain and suffering of these animals. Companies should regulate the use of alternative methods of testing products and the conditions in which animals are forced to live because it is inhumane and can be harmful to the physical and mental state of the animal. We can create a more comfortable place for these animals to live while they are being tested. Also we should have a more regulated way of giving out pain killers and the…

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  • Honey Bees Extinction Essay

    The global cause to protect these insects from scientist, politicians, global leaders, corporations, and organizations have started to campaign to save this species from extinction. “The CCD Steering Committee was formed with the charge to help coordinate a federal response to address this problem” (). The CCD committee derived from the 2006 Colony Collapse Disorder that is made of organizations that include; Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), National…

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  • How Genetically Modified Organism's Affect Our World

    Genetically modified crops are plants that have had their DNA altered to institute new traits they usually would not have. Crops are modified to resist diseases, environmental conditions, pest and longer lives. The first plant modified was a tobacco plant in 1982. It was produced to be antibiotic resistant. Most of the genetically modified crops in agriculture consist of manufactured goods crops, like soybean, maize, cotton and rapeseed. The Flavr Savr tomato was produced and sold in 1992 but…

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