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  • Ethical Complications Of Plato's Republic

    n Plato 's Republic, an analogy is struck between the state of the city and the state of the soul. While, in the latter case, a well balanced, or just, soul is one that is commanded by reason, and in which the spirited and appetitive parts of the soul play subordinate roles, a well balanced, or just, city is one in which the rulers are commanded by reason, the soldiers by spirit, and the laymen by appetites. The difficulty implicit in this state of affairs is that it does not appear, on reflection, that the so-called just city is truly just, since it would make better sense to say that a just city is one in which everyone has a just soul, rather than to anatomize the city in precisely the manner that the soul is, and on that basis call the city just. Plato believes that the truth of this analogy consists in the uniformity of the structure of the soul with that of the city, insofar as the soul 's constituent parts are of the same likeness as those of the city. Plato believes that this analogy is sound because the division of responsibility throughout the structure of the city, according to which the rulers, being led by reason, command the rest of the population, which is run by emotions and desires, is conducive to the city 's prosperity. It is only natural that many will be born with a propensity to be led by appetites, while others will be born with a propensity to be compelled by spirit, and still others to act from reason; in other words, everyone is not born equal, since…

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  • Imperialism And Linguistic Imperialism

    The Merriam – Webster dictionary explain the term Anglosphere as “the countries of the world in which the English language and cultural values predominate” (The Merriam – Webster Dictionary). Therefore, we can say, that the Anglosphere is a complex of English speaking nations, where inhabitants speak mostly English (they have English as their official or as one of their official languages), which have similar cultural heritage and which usually cooperate in politics and in the…

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  • Cyberbullying In Global Society

    bully online by sending or posting mean, hurtful, or intimidating messages, usually anonymously. In nations without information control, the Internet cares little for borders, and as such, Cyberbullying has become an international issue. The US, UK, and Australia have designated Government websites dedicated to Bullying and Cyberbullying resources. The mere existence of these resources, each bearing cases of bullying and methods of how to handle being bullied, are evidence that this is a…

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  • Leviathan By Thomas Hobbes And The Second Treatise Of Government In Modern Society

    led to immeasurable human suffering, with Hitler’s Germany, Maoist China, and Stalinist Russia immediately comes to mind. Locke correctly is skeptical of absolute power, likening it to slavery and a state of war. (248) Although there is certainly merit to the very basics of Hobbes’ argument, the basics of Locke’s argument are quite similar. Both Hobbes and Locke propose that a government should be formed, as the natural state of man is unsatisfactory, to varying degrees depending on the text.…

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  • Hofstede's Six Dimension Analysis Essay

    Cultures like Japan’s that are wary about an uncertain future are more likely to expect emotions to be hidden in normal life, but provide an outlet by giving a specific situation where it is allowed. This can be seen in the Japanese tradition of discussing important or emotional topics while drinking alcoholic drinks (Hofstede 1984). Cultures with high Uncertainty Avoidance also put higher pressure on members of a group when they make a mistake. This can be seen clearly in Japanese corporations,…

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  • Politicalness Of Politics In English

    restricted with their rights to work due to their English proficiency, regardless of the skills they hold and need of the job market. While a large number of the immigrants do benefit from TESOL education, the emphasis on English language have limited their possibility to gain independency and raise themselves and their families. Such practice has little benefit for both the immigrants, the society, and the government: the immigrants suffer from the sense of powerlessness, the society miss the…

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  • Cristobal Balenciaga Analysis

    fabric, dual trends that served as perfect counterpoints to Balenciaga’s entire raison d’etre. Compared to Dior’s extremely distinctive silhouette and highly specific idea as to what each one of his collections would look like, Balenciaga preferred to complement his wearer’s figure instead of highlighting their deficiencies and placed no great value on making his collections artificially different from one season to the next. Dior was a natural showman, dazzling the fashion press with his…

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  • Did Marx Contribute To Legal Theory?

    Though the spectre of communism may have dissipated following the fall of the Berlin Wall, the spectre of Marx still haunts us to this day. Many of the leftist political victories throughout Europe and the Anglosphere are undoubtedly symptomatic of the global recession and, though legitimate for this reason, are almost entirely sustained by the periodic revitalisation of Marxist critique and its contemporary relevance. Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and Alexis Tsipras, among others, are all…

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