Analysis Of John Chard In The Battle Of Rorke's Drift

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Analysis of John Chard in The Battle of Rorke’s Drift Intro: In this paper I will be looking into the leadership styles exhibited by Lt. John Chard at the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. I will be using the Army Values as a standard to compare Lt. Chard’s actions against and will decide if Lt. Chard is to be considered as a leader worthy of emulation or if he is an example of what not to imitate.
Summary of Battle: On 02 DEC 1878, the British Empire wanted to conduct an invasion into the land of the Zulu Kingdom, one of mightiest African kingdoms to have ever thrived in Africa. They held a battle at Isandlwana and were completely annihilated by the Zulu warriors. Less than 16 km to the west was a small missionary outpost with only 350 men including
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Chard. In a time where he thought he was surely going to die to a vicious group of primal warriors, he stood his ground in order to take care of those around him and to put the welfare of his men, the missionaries, and his nation before his own. He endured what he did not have to in order to take care of those around him.
Honor: Honor is simply living up to the other Army values both in your personal life and when under scrutiny. As the previous paragraphs and the future ones will show, I believe that Lt. Chard showed an exemplary amount of honor. The Queen of England also believed in this and richly awarded Lt. Chard for his service in this battle and even had a personal meeting with him and his men for their defensive stand. In analyses written later on, Lt. Chard is honored by the claim that after the disastrous battle at Isandlwana, he, along with his men, helped to re-establish the honor of the British expeditionary force.
Integrity: Integrity is simply the ability to do what is right both legally and morally. Lt. Chard did not face a legal situation but rather a moral dilemma. His decision to stand in the face of a suicide mission, and his first combat mission at that, showed a high level of integrity that should be followed by every
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Chard showed. He faced what many would consider the greatest adversity, a violent death at the hands of the feared Zulu warriors, and still stood his ground. This is a level of personal courage that many think that they will achieve, but when the time comes, they find themselves lacking. This courage is what saved the men that he was with in a fantastic fashion, only losing 17 men when they all were expected to die, and saved the expedition that his nation was undergoing. Because of this incredible courage, he not only stayed after the battle and oversaw the rebuilding of the compound but also won his the Victoria Cross, the British equivalent of the Medal of

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