Anglo-Spanish War

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  • King Philip 2 Of Spain Analysis

    Elizabeth I sent out an English army to help Protestant Dutch rebels against Philip II. This decision was caused because Elizabeth herself was Protestant and hated seeing her people prosecuted. Later in 1588, Sir Francis Drake, one of Elizabeth’s most trusted associate, was ordered by Elizabeth to lead against the Spanish Armada. The Spanish Armada begun when the Spanish decided to try and overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Yet, with Sir Francis Drake leading the English, the Spanish were fought off. Both Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Drake were loyal to each other and both had the same motive to kill King Philip II. Their motive was that the king had prosecuted Protestants and to plunder England. Knowing what Philip’s deceiving plans were caused the hatred to boil into Elizabeth and Drake. Together the teamed up with William of Orange and Antonio Perez to kill the King of…

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  • Analysis Of John Chard In The Battle Of Rorke's Drift

    Analysis of John Chard in The Battle of Rorke’s Drift Intro: In this paper I will be looking into the leadership styles exhibited by Lt. John Chard at the Battle of Rorke’s Drift. I will be using the Army Values as a standard to compare Lt. Chard’s actions against and will decide if Lt. Chard is to be considered as a leader worthy of emulation or if he is an example of what not to imitate. Summary of Battle: On 02 DEC 1878, the British Empire wanted to conduct an invasion into the land of the…

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  • Latin American Inequality

    exceeding that of the Anglo-Americans. It is hard to imagine what could cause Latin American countries that were once so powerful to become tormented by outside domination, stagnant economies and an abundance of foreign debt while their once frail cousin country, the United States built a stable democracy, expanded in territory and fought off foreign rule while swelling in population. However, the answer is very simple; First, present-day inequality between Latin America and the United States is…

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  • Reasons For The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada

    Armageddon sailed the seas, and the fate of the world was decided within the English Channel, or so some believed. The Anglo-Spanish War was fought from 1585 to 1604, despite war never being officially declared, and is best remembered for the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The English and Spanish were quite different from each other in terms of their religion, politics, and military structure, which lead to the King Philip II’s plans to overthrow Queen Elizabeth. However, when the…

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  • Paganism In Beowulf Essay

    Although Christianity dominated the Anglo Saxon lifestyle, paganism was a present reality still being practiced. Paganism is a religion based on animism, or the belief that spirits resided in everything ("What Is Paganism?”). Pagans often worshipped multiple Gods, sacrificed animals and other commodities, and loved feasting and participating in festivals. An individuals destiny, fate, and glory were all important to Anglo Saxon’s in that they believed that immortality could be earned through…

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  • The Role Of Heroes In Literature

    control and not be overthrown, he needs to be generous to his people and his army. Heroes also are generous to the people, ultimately gaining their trust, and then authority. In literature, devices like foreshadowing can help to illustrate the periodicity of benevolence and points to the final result. Heroism and royalty both follow a cycle of generosity and result in power. Foreshadowing is used to accentuate the cycle between the heroes and royalty and emphasizes its continuation. Heroes are…

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  • Essay On Viking Culture

    While popular culture depicts Vikings as a very homogeneous warrior group, there were actually many layers and nuances to Norse culture and society. Given that the Viking period extended from 800 AD to 1050 AD, the Norse groups experienced multiple cultural shifts and political shifts that can be seen throughout their stories and cultural artifacts. Prior to the majority of Viking expansion, much of their culture was defined by closely knit kin groups and one’s honor was deeply tied to your…

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  • Interracial Single Parent Families

    There is no direct solution for these problems due to the fact that every interracial couple and family deal with their problems differently, which means they are more likely to find each solution that works for them. Not all solutions can work for all of us however, that does not mean that the possible solutions I provided in this section would not be accomplished. First, the counselors should establish as many possible goals as necessary for their clients to pursue. Establishing goals help a…

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  • Theme Of Religion In Beowulf

    One of the oldest surviving poems in Old English, Beowulf is considered to be a brilliant piece of Anglo-Saxon literature that truly embodies the journeys of an epic hero. The protagonist, Beowulf, went through three distinct challenges as an epic hero, with each one being more difficult than the one before. Throughout his journey, themes of religion and identity along with good versus evil are revealed in order to show the ultimate morality and strength of will power in a man. The topic of…

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  • Beowulf: Pagan Or Christian Poem

    Beowulf, a Pagan or Christian Poem Prose, riddles, poetry, and proverbs can all be found in Old English Literature, as well as a mixture of Christian and pagan traditions and influences. One such an example would be, Beowulf, the epic long poem whose title character displays heroism and generosity. In this paper, I will explain how Christian values have been woven throughout the poem and mixed with Germanic hero values. Secondly, I will explain the long standing debate of whether or not Beowulf…

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