Reasons For The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada

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Armageddon sailed the seas, and the fate of the world was decided within the English Channel, or so some believed. The Anglo-Spanish War was fought from 1585 to 1604, despite war never being officially declared, and is best remembered for the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The English and Spanish were quite different from each other in terms of their religion, politics, and military structure, which lead to the King Philip II’s plans to overthrow Queen Elizabeth. However, when the invasion fleet arrived in the English Channel, they experienced a number of challenges and strategic blunders that lead, inevitably, to its defeat. While the battle was not a definitive turning point in the war, it is considered one of the highpoints in the rule of Queen Elizabeth I. Overall, the defeat of the Spanish Armada is considered one of …show more content…
In the years leading up to the attempted invasion, there were some distinct differences between the English and Spanish that lead to the war and, ultimately, to the disastrous defeat of the Spanish Armada. To begin, there are a several reasons why King Philip II planned to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I. Tensions had been increasing between England and Spain in part because of England’s support of Protestant, as well as the efforts of English

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