Spanish Armada

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  • Spanish Armada 1588

    If the Spanish Armada of 1588 changed their utilization of available intelligence regarding the posture, tactics and awareness of the English Navy, the result of the battle could have changed, as well as the course of history of the western world. If the Spanish hid the production of their fleet of over 100 ships under a ruse of sorts, then the English might not have expected such a grand attack. The lack of knowledge of the armada production would likely have prevented Queen Elizabeth I from issuing her order to Sir Francis Drake to attack Cadiz. Additionally, with the use of planted intelligence assets within England, the Spanish would have better knowledge of English ship capabilities and tactics utilized by the English Navy, especially…

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  • Against The Spanish Armada Analysis

    Against the Spanish Armada is a historical motivational speech to the Troops at Tilbury. The Speech was delivered on August 9, Old Calendar (August 19, New Calendar), 1588 by Queen Elizabeth I of England. She gave this speech to the land forces at Tilbury in Essex in preparation for the expected invasion by the Spanish Armada. Queen Elizabeth I wanted to motivate her troops to ready for battle, as well as, to establish herself as a worthy sovereign for whom her people should be willing to fight,…

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  • Spanish Armada Research Paper

    “insuperable Armada” was defeated by the English soldiers under the command of Lord Charles Howard and Sir Francis Drake. Their main aim was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth1 of England and the Tudor establishment of Protestantism in England. After fighting for almost eight hours, a change in wind direction forced the Spanish to retreat from the battle and sailed toward the North Sea. The Spanish Armada had hoped to win the battle, but were unfortunately defeated, and the survivors forced to…

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  • Why The Spanish Armada Failed?

    The Spanish Armada Philip II of Spain was given the keys to success by his father Charles V. Philip was left with vast economic resources coming in by the boatload from Spanish colonies in the new world, the strongest state in Europe at the time and the state on the verge of achieving a Spanish hegemony. Yet Philip II still managed to fail even with all these major advantages over other states. One major defining factor in his failure to achieve a Spanish Hegemony was the defeat of the…

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  • How Did Spain Win The Spanish Armada

    The Spanish Armada was a massive fleet of ships that was sent by Philip II to invade England. England at that time was protestant and Philip II, who was a devoted Catholic, felt that it was his duty to bring England back to Roman Catholic. When Queen Elizabeth I of England refused to punish her “sea dogs” including Sir Francis Drake for attacking Spanish ships, Philip finally sent out the Armada, made up of 130 ships and 2500 guns. Spain was undoubtedly the greatest power at that time and…

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  • Reasons For The Defeat Of The Spanish Armada

    Armageddon sailed the seas, and the fate of the world was decided within the English Channel, or so some believed. The Anglo-Spanish War was fought from 1585 to 1604, despite war never being officially declared, and is best remembered for the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. The English and Spanish were quite different from each other in terms of their religion, politics, and military structure, which lead to the King Philip II’s plans to overthrow Queen Elizabeth. However, when the…

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  • Spanish Armada Leadership

    what extent was Leadership the most important factor to why the Spanish Armada was defeated? One of the most famous attempts to invade Britain occurred in 1588 when the King of Spain, Phillip decided to send an armada of Spanish war ships to remove Queen Elizabeth from the throne. Phillip’s attempt to gain control of England failed, it failed for many reasons including the leadership of the two sides which affected the planning and tactical decisions made at sea, the weapons, resources and…

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  • Why Did Spain Win The Armada Analysis

    The Spanish imposed a great threat to the country of England, but the Queen used clever tactics and hired the best people available to make sure England was a stable, safe country. Philip II wanted to overthrow Elizabeth, for she was Protestant and he believed that he had to replace the Catholicism that had been lost. He also wanted to take over for he believed it was rightfully his for he was married to Mary, whom Elizabeth had executed earlier. On May 18 the Spanish sent an Armada (fleet) to…

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  • Queen Elizabeth I

    destroy Elizabeth, but Elizabeth prevailed and won the battle (Aikin). Elizabeth’s naval forces were weak to begin with. Spain had one of, if the not the strongest navy in the world at this current time. The fact that Elizabeth’s navy defeated Phillip and the Spanish Armada is proof of Elizabeth’s leadership skills. Elizabeth defended her country at all costs, even against someone whom she once considered marriage with. Queen Elizabeth did not just have great battle strategies; she also…

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  • Elizabethan Regime Analysis

    most basic notion at the beginning of Elizabeth I’s reign was that they were England’s natural enemy- it was believed they would continuously try to exploit England’s uneasy relationship with Scotland. Throughout the majority of Elizabeth I’s reign France appeared to become a more prominent threat as time passed, and, the 1584 Treaty of Joinville seemed to be a manifesto of Elizabeth I’s fear that Spain and France would form a catholic alliance and try to wage war with England. However, the…

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