Spearman's rank correlation coefficient

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  • The Relationship Between Global Competence And Learning Motivation?

    Each participant’s global competence score and the motivation score were calculated by adding the scores of the 15 items. The scores could range from a low of 15 to a maximum of 75. Upon analyzing the result, the Spearman rank-order correlation test shows that there was a significant positive relationship between the participants’ global competence score and the language learning motivation score. For the four categories of motivation, the correlation for integrativeness was 0.302, for Instrumental orientation was 0.312, for attitudes and beliefs was 0.260, and for parental encouragement is 0.085. Integrative motivation comes from learner’s desire to become a part of the language community. The instrumental orientation motivation refers to the desire for particular outcome such as employment or business opportunities. The attitude and belief show the participants’ view on the importance of second language learning. The high positive correlations between these three categories of motivation and global competence, and the low positive correlation on the category of parental encouragement, suggest that the global influence of a country is important in affecting the popularity of the learning of its language. I like this study on its statistical method of analysis. It is very scientific and persuasive. What I dislike is the category of motivations. I think it is too narrow…

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  • The Importance Of Participation In Extracurricular Activity

    consistent with the null hypothesis, which is seen in Tables 6 and 7. The p-value of 0.0087 provides solid evidence to support the present research when comparing the amount of time males spent participating in other activities when compared to the twelve week CCA. Additionally, the p-value of 0.0468 provides reasonable evidence to support the present research when comparing the amount of time males spent participating in art when compared to the eighteen week CCA. The scatterplots, Figures 1…

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  • Homosexuality And Discriminative Analysis

    homosexuality, in addition to the questionnaire, the participants also completed the LeMar and Kite questionnaire, in order to access the validity of the new scale. Before beginning the reliability analysis, the negatively worded questions were recoded in order for the high scores to mean the same thing regardless of its wording if this didn’t happen the reliability scores will be low, this was done by reversing the scores on these items, To conduct a reliability analysis, an item analysis, a…

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  • Essay On Self Defeating Humor

    humor score, the lower the usage of humor as a coping strategy. However, the results of the present study do not support the idea of a negative correlation. Instead, there is a weak, but significant positive correlation between self-defeating humor and the use of humor as a coping strategy, rather than the negative correlation between the two measures. Based on these results, if an individual’s score on the HSQ is high for self-defeating humor, then they also have a high score for the use of…

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  • Correlation In Psychology

    processes. One of the five approaches used by psychologists is correlation. Correlations provide data that enables psychologists to answer questions that have not been answered before. Correlation method is defined as “A research method used to examine relationships between variables, which are expressed in the form of a statistical measure called a correlation coefficients” (Nevid,201,p24). Unlike an experiment where one variable is dependent and the other is independent, both variables in a…

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  • Gratitude Intervention Essay

    gratitude intervention and its correlation with well-being. This essay will use empirical evidence to prove the link between gratitude and subjective well-being. This essay will also give clear insight into intervention assessment, test scoring, as well as discussing the detailed intervention plan and the effects and benefits for participating individuals. This essay will also consider how this intervention could be use in a counselling setting and…

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  • Final Concentration Of Eosin Essay

    Results: At the start of the experiment, the initial flow rate was established as 20 ml min-1. This means that there is a steady flow of fluid or blood in your body (in this case, water) at a rate of 20ml min-1. In order to find the final concentration of the Eosin (2,5 mg ml-1) in the “blood” after 60 minutes a calibration curve had to be created by making up seven different solutions of eosin (11,25 μg ml-1) and water to compare it against their absorbance that was calculated in a…

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  • Temperament's Theory-Of-Mind Development

    The three aspects of temperament that showed a statistically significant correlation with the ToM results from the second wave of testing, were shyness/withdrawal, perceptual sensitivity, and aggression. None of the other tested traits had statistical significant correlation to ToM, but attentional focusing had a positive correlation to the block test and IC, while activity level had a negative correlation to IC. Both shyness/withdrawal and perceptual sensitivity showed a positive correlation…

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  • GDO Research Essay

    efficiently on subsequent items, while children of lower developmental capacities will plateau, allowing examiners to identify their developmental age. Further evaluation of the Technical Report brings us to the issue of reliability. The technical report completed Spearman rho calculations to identify the level of inter-rater reliability present as well as Pearson product moment correlations to assess accuracy of developmental age prediction. The Spearman rho confirmed high similarity between…

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  • Chi-Square Test

    Asymp. Sig. (2-sided) Pearson Chi-Square 12.747a 6 .047 Likelihood Ratio 13.057 6 .042 Linear-by-Linear Association 5.178 1 .023 N of Valid Cases 742 Correlation and Regression with SPSS Pearson’s r value and (possibly) significance values, there was a correlation between the two variables [r = .208, n = 906, p = .000]. RESPONDENTS INCOME HIGHEST YEAR OF SCHOOL COMPLETED RESPONDENTS INCOME Pearson Correlation 1 .208** Sig. (2-tailed) .000 N 906 906…

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