Second Continental Congress

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  • Second Continental Congress Analysis

    The Second Continental Congress, formed in the early stages during the development of America, consisted of prestigious individuals, such as John Adams, Samuel Adams, and Benjamin Franklin. This group convened after declaring independence from Britain in 1776 with the goal to form a new system of government for the country to follow. On November 15, 1777, two and a half years after the start of the Revolutionary War, the Articles of Confederation were adopted. Adjustments were made for the next number of months, until the final copy was completed on July 9, 1778 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, it wasn’t until 1781 when the Thirteen Articles were officially set into motion after being ratified in each of the thirteen states. The document…

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  • Why Did The Second Continental Congress Declare American Independence

    It was a 47 page pamphlet written by Thomas Paine, who challenged the British government, by stating that citizens should be the ones making laws. This pamphlet encouraged colonists to declare their independence from Britain, specifically in categories such as: economic freedom, military self-defense, and mishandling power by the government. The importance was that many colonists read it, and changed their views of the king. The Second Continental Congress formed a committee to write a…

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  • Second Continental Congress

    The Second Continental Congress was so important because it had all thirteen colonies represented and George Washington was selected to head the army in Boston. In 1776, the publication of Common Sense was released to the general public. Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet to show why America needs to become independent. His pamphlet did not just call for independence, but it also called for a new government type called the republic. The republic would have governmental power come from the…

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  • Second Continental Congress Summary

    When the Second Continental Congress first convened in 1775, they began to address the grievances the First Congress had submitted to King George and to which there had been no reply. They established the Continental Army and the national currency, passed acts to allow colonial ships to outfit themselves for war, opened ports to foreign trade and established local governments. By 1776 it was apparent to nearly all of the representatives that independence from England was inevitable. The 1876…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Second Continental Congress

    had fought hard and many people had died during the long bloody war. On May 10 1775, the Second Continental Congress that all thirteen colonies assembled was in Philadelphia. They had planned to meet a year ago during the First Continental Congress. During the Second Continental Congress, they were set to work on two major tasks such as “to raise and supply an army and to explore reconciliation with Britain” (160). The Americans had established an army, made their own money, and delegates at…

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  • Compare And Contrast The First Two Paragraphs Of The Declaration Of Independence

    Throughout of history we have had many leaders, laws, disagreements, and war. The British are an example of whom the Americans have had disagreements with and have been at war against. From going to war the American leaders have learned to realize what they believe is best for the colonies. From these previous events Thomas Jefferson with the help of other leaders they created the Declaration of Independence. The rights of Englishmen included: Magna Carta, evolution of Parliament, common law…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Contribution To The American Revolution

    he realize reconciliation was impossible, Franklin helped to write the Declaration of Independence as a member of the Second Continental Congress. To support the revolution, Franklin helped to secure foreign aid from France and eventually represented the United States during treaty negotiations (Kelly, n.d.) John Jay Many of those who were important to the founding of our nation were not eager to split with Great Britain. John Jay was among their ranks and served as a voice of moderation early…

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  • Declaration Of Independence Analysis

    Britain began to tighten its control by passing new laws that included taxing the colonies and limiting their trading with other countries. This brought major conflicts between the colonies and Great Britain. The colonies felt that they wouldn’t have fair representation from Britain and didn’t want to continue to follow their laws. However, Great Britain felt that since they supported and defended the colonies they have the right to tax and control their trade. The colonies met at the First…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Enlightenment And Declaration Of Independence

    the many great Enlightenment thinkers, was an English philosopher who was regarded as one the most influential people of the time. The Declaration of Independence was both influenced by and influenced the Enlightenment by including and expanding upon the ideas of the Enlightenment (stockdale). The declaration of independence was a simple, straightforward document, inspired by John locke's political philosophies. “The declaration of independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress of…

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  • Symbolism Of The Great Seal

    to represent the thirteen original states. In the middle of the shield there is a phoenix. This phoenix not only symbolizes rebirth, but the rebirth of liberty by Britain’s progeny in America. Barton includes two mottos on the front. Above is: In Vindiciam Libertatis – “In Defense of Liberty”. Below is: Virtus sola invicta – “Only Virtue Unconquered”. The reverse side of the seal has a pyramid containing thirteen steps. Shining down from above is the Eye of Providence. Barton claimed the steps…

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