Second grade

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  • Second Grade Reflection

    Second grade is an amazing year for young students. This is when the English Language Arts learning begins transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn. The PA standards reflect that the student’s learning should focus on reading fluency, comprehension, and phonemic skills in addition to introducing, identifying, and using literary devices. There is a lot that the teachers need to cover in English Language Arts and that is why integration is my favorite thing. Many of the skills that need to be addressed during the year can be paired with other techniques that are desired for the students learning. My classroom is one that uses the regular basal program and trade books to meet the students’ needs. I do not teach directly from a…

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  • An Analysis Of The Second Grade In The First Grade

    As Time Goes By First Grade In The first grade , I was very short compared to the rest of the people in my class My mother would always style my hair like a typical little girl. A long part down the middle of my head and two pony tails on both sides of my head. I would always dress a little awkward because i would never wear what my mother picked out for me ever, “hey Brianna wear this today you will look so cute.” of course I would reply back with no i want to wear what i want too.”…

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  • Concussions In Football

    can cause different symptoms which may include: fatigue, nausea, dizziness and restlessness. There may also be after effects such as headache or nervousness. There are three different grades to a concussion. A grade 1 concussion can usually be treated with rest and continued observation alone. The person may return to sports activities that same day, but only after examination by a trained professional, and after all symptoms have completely resolved. If the person sustains a second concussion…

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  • Essay On Second Grade Observation

    The teachers I observed at the lower grade levels of first and second grade used Core Curriculum. These teachers followed specific guidelines in their teacher’s guide books to help them schedule activities and lessons for the week. They are provided with work books and materials but get to decide on how to execute those plans. The teacher who taught the upper grade levels of high school had their whole year planned out. I observed Math and Social Science. Both had teachers who were planned out…

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  • Reflective Essay On My Literacy Journey

    Her diligence, instruction, and willingness to try new strategies not only allowed me to become a reader and writer, it also let me experience the pleasure to be found in those two areas. Based on my conversations with my mother and my memory of that chance meeting, I would have to guess that Mrs. Pfeiffer was presented a child who had very little exposure to writing or reading, little to no knowledge of the alphabet, phonological awareness, or concepts of print. Whatever her strategies were,…

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  • Essay About My Literacy Journey

    determined attitude. She was not willing to just say it was impossible. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of what she did, but she talked about how difficult it had been for her to find time to work with me one on one. Based on what she said, I believe she had to focus on phonics instruction. Thanks to that meeting, I know I struggled in the early stages of literacy development. So, at this point I can only speculate about what appears to be my initial struggle to read and most likely, to…

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  • Teaching Experience Analysis

    It’s like being a role model, having patience and kindness. Also to have stability for the kids, they need someone who is a stable person in their life. Students have impacted my life in so many different ways. For example with you, to know that I taught you in second grade and you want to become a teacher, that impacts my life greatly. I had a small part of your education, but I feel so gratified. When kids come back to me and they remember something that we did together, it impacts me a lot. I…

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  • Why Are My Parents Important To Me

    When I was in the first grade my father insisted on reviewing my homework with me every night. Now, in the first grade there wasn’t much to do, but he expected me to do well. I can remember rewriting my assignments repeatedly. My father not only demanded that my work be completed, but that it was written in the most legible handwriting he thought I was capable of. To some this may seem harsh, I was only in the first grade for god’s sake, but it was purposeful. It was expressing to me that my…

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  • Qualitative Reading Comprehension

    Word Identification As suggested by the Qualitative Reading Inventory-4 administrator’s manual instructions, the first grade word list was administered, to determine the instructional reading level to establish a starting point on the reading assessment. The QRI-4 guideline suggested Addison begin reading the word lists at the first grade level of the QRI-4, two levels below her current grade level. Addison completed the first grade word list automatically with 100% accuracy, in the allotted…

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  • My Educational Experience: My Worst Education Experience

    My Worst Education Experience “¿Itzel, Ya estas lista para la escuela?” this was the dreading question my mother would ask me every morning before going to school. I was a bilingual student in the second grade and I was struggling so much academically, which in the long run caused me to have internal struggles. I dreaded going to school every morning and having to put up with 8 hours of feeling like I was born stupid. My teacher, principal, and vice-principal did not have very good faith I was…

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