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  • Second Grade Reflection

    Second grade is an amazing year for young students. This is when the English Language Arts learning begins transitioning from learning to read to reading to learn. The PA standards reflect that the student’s learning should focus on reading fluency, comprehension, and phonemic skills in addition to introducing, identifying, and using literary devices. There is a lot that the teachers need to cover in English Language Arts and that is why integration is my favorite thing. Many of the skills that need to be addressed during the year can be paired with other techniques that are desired for the students learning. My classroom is one that uses the regular basal program and trade books to meet the students’ needs. I do not teach directly from a book on a day to day basis, but I do incorporate a lot of useful lessons from the basal program provided to me to insure all the standards are being addressed in the classroom throughout the year. Although the basal reading series is not mandatory within the district I teach, I find some of the lessons and lesson ideas helpful I believe reading should be taught in a way that is meaningful to the students. To me, the curriculum, basal reading program, or made-up lessons does not matter, it’s the way you implement, describe, and teach the big ideas that is meaningful. The students should be taught in a way that is beneficial to them. A teacher should know after a few weeks of being with the students what works and what doesn’t work. A good…

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  • Disadvantages Of Citizen Science

    1. Inquiry, inquiry based learning, is when simple observations turn into a curious question like “Why does it do that?” “Why does it change colors?” “What makes it move?”. Then that simple observation will catalyze an experiment, causing the individual to make a discovery proving that their idea is right or wrong. They will learn through trial and error, they will be able to grasp why something is the way it is or why that happens. 2. An example of a guided inquiry project I could facilitate…

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  • Reflection Of A Classroom Experience In School Lane Charter School

    Reflection For my field placement this semester I have been placed in School Lane Charter school located in Bensalem, PA. This charter school takes great measures in making sure their students get the best quality education. School Lane is an inclusive school, which means that students with or without disabilities are able to learn together, in the most least restrictive environment. I am placed in a first grade classroom this semester in Ms. Cameron’s room. The student who I chose to observe is…

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  • For Colored Girls Analysis

    Self-Actualization: For Colored Girls “I found God in myself and I loved her, I loved her fiercely.” (Shange) For Colored Girls is based from a play with poems written by author Ntozake Shange called, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow isn’t Enuf, describing the life of eight women in New York who face tremendous crisis and heartbreaks. Each woman in this film represents a character/color and a poem from this play. From abuse, secret affairs and abortion, to deceit…

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  • Meech Lake Accord Case Analysis

    promising results. The ballot question was: “Do you agree that Québec should become sovereign, after having made a formal offer to Canada for a new economic and political partnership, within the scope of the bill respecting the future of Québec and the agreement signed on June 12, 1995?” There were many advantages to a “YES” vote. For instance, French language and culture would be maintained and money would be saved on maintaining two official languages (product labels, education, translations…

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  • René Lévesque In Quebec

    politics and the economics of his province. He left law school before obtaining a degree and went into journalism and by 1956, he became one of Québec’s first television stars. In 1960, he joined Jean Lesage 's Liberal Cabinet and later established the Parti Québécois (PQ), ultimately leading it to power in 1976 (Paulin 2). “The PQ 's main objective was Québec independence, and for 15 years Lévesque was the leading champion of that ideal — holding and losing the province 's first referendum on…

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  • Canadian Identity Essay

    Many of the colonies in Africa were receiving their own independence at this time, causing the people of Quebec to adopt an attitude of “Why not us too?” , believing it was time for them to receive their own distinct freedom. The needs of Quebec differed greatly from that of English speaking Canada for reasons of culture. Quebec had retained much of its historical, rural, Catholic heritage in spite of the active presence of the rest of Canada up through the 1960s, with this clash building up to…

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  • Separatism In Canada

    depleting its funds and resources in the Second World War. Quebeckers become restless during this period, in the mid-1900s, and resurrected their claims that Canada had once been a French territory that was stolen by the British. The Parti Quebecois was formed in 1968 from a merger of several French separatist groups and its main platform was establishing sovereignty for Quebec from the English-speaking side of Canada. The Parti Quebecois ran in the 1976 election and managed to win with 41% of…

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  • Joke Party Characteristics

    promises include: a one day work week, two sunsets per day, free beer, low taxes, eternal life, and world peace. The party is known for their humorous political slogans, including "tomorrow should be yesterday!", "let everything better!", "we promise anything!", "more everything, less nothing!" and a chant that consisted of "what do we want? nothing! when do we want it? never!" In 2016, the MKKP fought back against the anti-immigration sentiment that was building amongst many of Hungary's major…

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  • Changing Seventies In Canada

    four thousand, three hundred episodes. As can be seen, one of the two major social events that help contribute to Canada’s social development was the creation of the postal code system, created by Canada Post, and the creation of the children show Sesame Street, created by (CBC). Finally, the political events that helped develop Canada during the 1970’s. The main political events during the 1970’s were with the French Canadians. The French Canadians were the main topic as many events occurred.…

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