My Educational Experience: My Worst Education Experience

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My Worst Education Experience
“¿Itzel, Ya estas lista para la escuela?” this was the dreading question my mother would ask me every morning before going to school. I was a bilingual student in the second grade and I was struggling so much academically, which in the long run caused me to have internal struggles. I dreaded going to school every morning and having to put up with 8 hours of feeling like I was born stupid. My teacher, principal, and vice-principal did not have very good faith I was going to be successful and it was the worst feeling in the world that I was forced to be in a environment that I knew I was not brightly looked at. Specifically, in the school I was attending at the time, the bilingual class was looked at very poorly
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Many of the students in my bilingual class were trying to fit in so much with the “English” classes that we were pronouncing our names differently. My name was pronounced of “ee TSEL” but by the end of that school year I was going by “It-CELL” like my teacher taught me in English. I was so ashamed of who I was as a person and decided to try to fit in because everyone else was doing it. My identity (as well as my classmates’) was lost and we had been given a new one to go by that year. “It-CELL” was new my identity that I had from that point …show more content…
What makes you say you can read a book in English when your Spanish is terrible? Please do not ask again until your Spanish improves. I’m not even letting your other classmates checkout books in English and they are doing so much better in English” Those were the exact words that came from my teacher and they never let me my mind ever since. I came home crying that night and told my mom what my teacher had told me when I had asked to checkout a book in English. The following morning (my mom at the time was an emergency room nurse, so for her to do this, she was extremely upset) came to the school but not necessarily to talk to my teacher but to the principal of the school. My mom had enough of my teacher by then and wanted to request that if I can move to an English class for my upcoming 3rd grade year. The answer was no for the reason that they thought I wouldn’t be able to academically achieve what a 3rd grader would be able to do. That really upset my mom that she went to the district’s office to fight for a request. At the end, my mom won but we had a challenge of getting myself to have the reading and writing skills of an incoming 3rd grader in all English. I did many hours of tutoring and homework that summer before and during the school year when I started 3rd grade. It was very painful but I but it was all worth it because at the end of my 3rd grade school year, I had passed and got commended in my TAKS test

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