Spanish Inquisition

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  • The Spanish Inquisition Summary

    In the book The Spanish Inquisition, Joseph Perez gives his view on why the Spanish Inquisition took place. The Spanish Inquisition began with the discrimination against any religion that opposed the Catholic Church in Spain. They mainly targeted the religious beliefs of Judaism making Jewish people and conversos the victims. Many Jews and Muslims were forced to leave the country or were persecuted because they could not openly practice their religion and did not want to convert. During this period of time loyalty of the Catholic Church was questioned, heavily. The inquisition was institutionalized under the crown of Castile, Isabella, and the crown of Argon, Ferdinand. The inquisition was instilled to defend the catholic faith by the assimilation…

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  • The Spanish Inquisition

    Religion is used as a tool for rulers to justify and motivate oppression. Since religion is used as a tool of oppression, negative political and economic effects occur. These effects include political revolutions and economic turmoil. Instances in which religion oppressed and created conflict are demonstrated by the Aztecs as well as events in Spain and England. The Spanish Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, expelled, tortured, severely questioned, and forced Jews and Muslims to convert to Roman…

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  • Spanish Inquisition

    order to keep the purity of Spain and guarantee that that Jews would not taint or influence Spanish Christians, the expulsion of the Jews was ordered. According to many, during the Spanish Inquisition Spain did not only lose over 100,000 Jews, but they…

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  • Spanish Inquisition Controversy

    When people think of the most explicit acts of human cruelty in history, many people’s first thoughts jump to the holocaust, Aztec sacrifices, or the European conquest of the Americas. However, an event that doesn’t get enough consideration in this gruesome contest is the Spanish Inquisition. Hundreds of thousands of Protestants, atheists, and other non-believers were brutally tortured and killed, while millions more were persecuted. This horrific event was the result of the Catholic Church’s…

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  • Spanish Inquisition Analysis

    of the Spanish Inquisition. When it was first created, the main objective of the inquisition at this point was the elimination of semitism, making its primary targets Jews and Muslims, but much more so Jews. As time went on, though, the need for the inquisition called for a change in victim; since the Jews and Muslims were less of a problems and it grew to persecute any person who strayed from Orthodox Catholicism, such as was targeted. The principal purpose of the Inquisition was enforcing…

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  • Spanish Inquisition Essay

    The Spanish Inquisition was started in 1480 by Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon and was initially started to ensure the sincerity of the Jewish and Muslim converts to Christianity who were suspected of secretly practicing their prior religions. It was not the first Inquisition, in fact, it was meant to replace the Medieval Inquisition, which was under Papal control. The medieval Inquisition was introduced by Pope Gregory IX in 1231 as a means find and get rid of heresy,…

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  • Essay On Spanish Inquisition

    The obscured Spanish inquisition took place from the years of 1478 through 1834. Isabella I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon established this rule to overthrow the previous Medieval Inquisition. In connection of overthrowing the Medieval inquisition, the current Monarchs Isabella I and Ferdinand II of Aragon became suspicious of the Crypto-Jews. Crypto Jews were Jews who "converted" to Catholicism but were secrectly practicing Judaism. Not only was this inquisition intended to overthrow the…

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  • Western Religion

    the functioning of a country’s government and it creates many conflicts that can easily be avoided by removing the integration of religion in governing a country. In order to remove religion from a country’s governing style, they need to be identified. One person categorizes religion by stating that it includes a group of people that pray to a superhuman being, make sacrifices, as well as making pilgrimages to a place that is related to the higher power they idolize. One reason that religion…

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  • The Crusades And The Spanish Inquisition: An Analysis

    Within Christianity, it is impossible to analyze the relationship between religious diversity without mentioning the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. While exploring the relationships between various religions and violence in his book, When Religion Become Lethal, Dr. Charles Kimball dissects the Crusades and the Inquisition (2011). With the consolidation of state power in the papacy, the Holy Roman Empire led the charge to reclaim the Holy Land in Jerusalem from the Islamic rulers at the…

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  • Pit And The Pendulum Analysis

    The Pit and the Pendulum      The Pit and the Pendulum is a story about a man confined to a prison cell and tortured mercilessly in Toledo Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. Edgar Allen Poe's story is powerful because the prisoner tells the story of his torture. Given this you know he is going to survive which helps make the mystery so much more complex.      The plot is very believable and consistent. Poe shows great detail in the…

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