Uther Pendragon

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  • Short Story: Adulterous The King

    "Hello, dear brother," she greeted with no real affection, no warmth in her tone. "It's been far too long." Her impudence was disgraceful she knew, and she smiled wickedly in the knowledge that Uther would be just as appalled as the look on Arthur's face. Rising with cool confidence, she sauntered toward the once-king. He would not take Camelot from her this time no matter how self-assured he may feel by his advancement thus far. They were by no means a match for her powers. Still, she stalled for time, for her sorcerers to arrive. The more, the bloodier. "I apologize if you had a difficult reception. It's hard to know who to trust these days." That insult was intended for the three who had betrayed her in their own wretched ways; the other…

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  • Obstacles In King Arthur's Legendary Life

    During the ninth century the most often told stories by the people was about King Arthur and his kingdom. King Arthur was the son of King Uther Pendragon and was the only heir to his throne. Arthur is a medieval, mythological figure who was the head of the kingdom Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. King Arthur is most famous for his leadership, his ruling, and his ruthless judgment of Lancelot who is one of his Knights and Guinevere who is his wife. King Arthur’s legendary life was not…

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  • King Arthur Vs Excalibur Research Paper

    Uther rides on his steed as he cuts down his opponents and then sees Merlin. In Excalibur, Merlin is a sorcerer who helps Uther become king. Uther rides down a hill after to go meet Merlin, and demands where the sword Excalibur is and that Merlin promised him the powerful sword. Merlin tells Uther that he will have the sword that was promised him. Uther and Cornwall called for peace meeting after the battle. Earlier that day, Merlin went and retrieved Excalibur from a small river. A hand…

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  • Lord Tennyson's Idylls Of The King: The Passing Of Arthur

    one will in everything have power on this dark land to lighten it and power on this dead world to make it live.” (Tennyson. Lines 91-93). Soon after the battle Arthur sent Ulfius, Brastias, and Bedivere (Arthur’s newly trusted knights) to ask the king for Guinevere’s hand in marriage. Although Arthur had good intentions to marry the fairest girl of the land the unconventional king wanted more information of the so-called “King Arthur”, to see if he is truly worthy to marry his only child. The…

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  • Power And Sexual Behavior In The Hollow Hills By Mary Stewart

    is seen that men feel more powerful during sexual activities when they have the ability to chose when it occurs and women feel more in control by refusing sex. Either way, one is influencing the behavior of another person, also known as power. Mary Stewart expresses this with the relationship of Uther and Ygraine. This is contradicted by the relations between Morgause and Arthur because she uses sexual activities as a way to gain power. Throughout Mary Stewart’s novel, The Hollow Hills, the…

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  • King Arthur Predominance Of Harlotry

    rising “from out the bosom of the lake” (I. 296), granted to him by “the Lady of the Lake” (I. 282). At the end of the poem, the Lady of the Lake “caught [Excalibur] by the hilt, and brandish’d him/ three times, and drew him under” (XII. 313-315) the lake again. The main symbol of Arthur’s authority is bestowed at female discretion, and, in the end, is once again ceded to female power, represented by the Lady of the Lake as female cohesion with nature. The foundation upon which Arthur’s…

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  • How Does King Arthur Change

    King Arthur overcomes many struggles throughout the two novels, “ The Sword in the Stone” and “ The Queen of Air and Darkness” by T.H. White. These struggles help him to mature throughout the two novels, yet at some points in the novel it is clear that Arthur struggles to completely mature. King Arthur learns a lot about his power, what it means to have his authority and the importance of morality, especially when in a position of power. On the other hand, he knowingly broke the unwritten rules…

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  • Camelot: A Short Story

    He had answered too quickly by Arthur 's reasoning. The servant stared at the floor, shifting his weight anxiously. "Are you sure you don 't know his name? It wasn 't Balinor by any chance?" Merlin 's head popped up suddenly and his whole body went still. Wide, blue eyes stared at the King of Nemeth. In their depths, Arthur saw a myriad of thoughts racing by. He 'd never had the chance to watch his servant from this perspective. Under Uther 's reign, when Merlin would get into trouble, Arthur…

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  • Why Is Camelot Important

    Arthur lived with the good knight Sir Hector, whom he always called father. Arthur was the first born son of King Uther. Merlin advised that Arthur should be raised in a secret place and that no one should know . After Arthur's father died there was a conflict of who should be the next King.Merlin the great magician put a spell on the Sward and only Arthur can pull it. Merlin wrote on the sword in gold he said "Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone is the right wise born king of all…

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  • The Sword In The Stone Compare And Contrast

    Compare and contrast Don't you wish you wish you where strong enough to to pull a sword out of a stone! In the story, “ The Sword in the Stone,” Arthur had the courage and strength to remove the sword from the stone, even though people were telling him that he would not be able to do it. This story took place in the medieval time. Courage is of the main characteristics that Arthur shared in both of the the video and the story, “Arthur Becomes King” and “The Sword in the Stone”. The Sword in…

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