Lord Tennyson's Idylls Of The King: The Passing Of Arthur

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“Idylls of the king”: The coming of Arthur/ The passing of Arthur
Alfred Lord Tennyson is a popular poet whose style of writing is categorized as a Victorian writer; since he used more of historical events with a twist of poetry by explaining the notable life of a few historical figures. While writing poems/ making plays Tennyson would go into some details of some major points of one’s life from who they trust, love or even loathe. In “Idylls of the King” Tennyson not only mentions King Arthur’s Rise of his kingdom, but as well as Arthur 's loyal Knights, including Arthur’s Love for the beautiful Guinevere and also Arthur’s journey to prove that he is the heir of the kingdom.
In Tennyson’s “Idylls of the King” is an expressed inside look at
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Lines 89-90). Not only will Arthur get his dream girl and her fairest looks, he will also be gaining united power over both kingdoms in order to make the land a better place than before “…And reigning with one will in everything have power on this dark land to lighten it and power on this dead world to make it live.” (Tennyson. Lines 91-93). Soon after the battle Arthur sent Ulfius, Brastias, and Bedivere (Arthur’s newly trusted knights) to ask the king for Guinevere’s hand in marriage. Although Arthur had good intentions to marry the fairest girl of the land the unconventional king wanted more information of the so-called “King Arthur”, to see if he is truly worthy to marry his only child. The King was finally convinced after receiving the new information of Arthur’s birth history and his father (Uther) and who he is from Arthur’s mentors Merlin (a magical wizard) who is one of the few people who knows Arthur’s who life story from his past till now “Sir king, there be but two old men that know: and each is twice as old as I; and one is Merlin, the wise man that ever served King Uther thro’ his magic art.” (Tennyson. Lines …show more content…
Lines 1-5). Bedivere explains how he can hear King Arthur moaning in his sleeps, about how his life/kingdom is falling apart and how what he once had is fading away and only God can help, yet Arthur is wondering why haven’t God helped shed some light in his dark world. Arthur was at a stage in his life where he didn’t understand how all of the victory in battle to prove that he is the rightful heir of the kingdom would not give God enough reason to help him in this grey moment in his life. “I marked him in the flowering of his fields, but in his ways with men I find him not. I waged his wars, and now I pass and die. O me! For why is all around us here as if some lesser god had made the world, but had not force to shape it as he would, Till the high God behold it from beyond, and enter it, and make it beautiful? Or else as if the world were wholly fair, But that these eyes of men are dense and dim, and have not power to see it as it is” (Tennyson. Lines

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