The Once and Future King

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  • Themes In The Once And Future King

    Shanaz Shakur Ms. Churchill English Honors 2, Period 0 21 September 2016 Essential Motifs in The Once and Future King Other than for the purpose of storytelling and entertainment, people read books to learn life lessons and understand morals and values. People read stories and take into account what the characters learn, and apply those lessons to their own lives. In The Once and Future King, T. H. White teaches us three major themes; that while the justice system gives people a chance of being proven innocent, it is not always fair, that one can not always trust their family, and ultimately, no matter how hard one tries to prevent the future, they cannot alter what destiny has already decided for them. For each of these three themes, there…

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  • The Once And Future King Literary Analysis

    Throughout the novel The Once and Future King, author T.H. White takes the readers into the world of King Arthur and his legendary story. Spanning from when King Arthur was nothing more than a boy called by the name of Wart, up until his final battle, White brings us into the a world of chivalry, magic, and adventure. During the course of the novel, White maintains the ability to introduce major, and minor, themes and lessons that are routed within a thrilling plot filled with animal…

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  • The Once And Future King Essay

    Thesis: In The Once and Future King, TH White demonstrates the unacceptable relationship between might and right by drawing on traditional Arthurian legends and his own life experience. On May eight, 1945, the world was changed forever. This date marked the end of World War Two, a defining period for the world. The war was fought mainly in Europe and Japan by the axis powers and the Allied nations. The axis powers were comprised of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan along with…

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  • The Once And Future King Analysis

    Wallace 1 Julia Wallace Professor Ann-Marie Boylan English 3B 25 November 2014 The Once and Future King Project: Part I Book I - The Sword in the Stone: Merlyn Throughout Book I, I am Wart’s tutor. I am magician who lives backward in time, therefore I already know what is going to happen. As Wart’s tutor, I turn him into several different animals: a fish, a merlin, a ant, a owl, a goose, and a badger. I turn him into these specific animals to teach him lessons. When I turn Wart into a fish, I…

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  • Betrayal In The Once And Future King

    In the Arthurian Legend, the loyalty and honor of knights and people alike is very important and symbolized a high level of trust. However, just like loyalty has a high impact on everything, the impact of betrayal is even greater. The betrayal of Guinevere, Lancelot, and Mordred, are the most important parts in the Arthurian Legend because not only do they affect each other, but lead to the death of King Arthur. The very first person that lead the pack of people who not only betrayed Arthur,…

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  • King Arthur's Mistake In The Once And Future King

    “A mistake is an event, the full benefit of which we have not come to realize.” (Unknown) Something that was not initially meant to happen can shape those involved for better or for worse in the future. In The Once and Future King, the slippery trail that leads to one of King Arthur (the protagonist’s) greatest mistakes starts with a fault in someone else entirely. While Arthur is planning a wedding, Merlyn, Arthur’s teacher, remembers what he has forgotten to tell Arthur earlier. Long story…

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  • Comparing King Arthur's Once And Future King

    life. This point is no truer than in the life and lordship of Britain’s “Once and Future King,” Arthur. Of all legends, those of King Arthur stand out above the rest. The great king who led his army with a just and fair hand and ruled over a legendary utopia that lasted only as long as his rule. Many historians argue over the historicity of the character citing how there are no definitive remains, and the locations and periods of both his kingdom and great battles are next to impossible to…

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  • Character Analysis: The Once And Future King

    The book, The Once and Future King, shows how Arthur learns to become king and also his time as king. In the “Sword in the Stone” Merlyn utilizes Arthur’s experiences to teach him leadership. Merlyn accomplishes this task by transforming Arthur into various animals, such as a perch, merlin, ant, rook, wild goose, and badger. He teaches him through both positive and negative examples to further him in his education to become king. Arthur’s first transformation was into the form of a perch. As…

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  • The Role Of Chivalry In Sir Gawain The Green Knight

    acknowledgements on his behalf as a meaningful person in society, Gawain must accept this challenge and prove he is worthy by sticking to the challenge. Once the strange man enters Arthur’s court and presents this summon of contest appearing like a suicide mission, no one in the court wanted to sacrifice themselves for such a dreadful assignment. However, once the knights are contested against their honor of pride with the stranger stating “Is
valor, your…

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  • Le Morte D Arthur Analysis

    In Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur, the battle between King Arthur and Accolon in Book IV is significant because it establishes Morgan as a primary antagonist to Arthur, Nimue as a force who can and will (mostly) work on Arthur’s behalf, and reaffirms Arthur’s honor and knightly prowess. With Merlin trapped and his magic unavailable to aid Arthur, Morgan and Nimue, step in to oppose and support Arthur, respectively. Both women are powerful female wielders of necromancy at this point;…

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