The Open Window

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  • The Open Window Analysis

    Both “the open window,” by Saki, and “the monkey’s paw,” by Jacobs, are structured in parts; and each of these parts correspond to an occurrence during the story. Saki and Jacobs also both introduce ghosts during the climax of the stories- however in the Monkey’s paw we never really find out if the ghost is real, and in the Open window, we explicitly find out that the ghost is not real. Finally, both Saki and Jacobs make use of powerful language to instill fear in the reader and pull them deeper into the story. In both the open window and the monkey’s paw, Saki and Jacobs use a metaphor between the structure of the story, and the story’s content. In his story, “the open window,” Saki tells two stories- one which he uses as a “frame story,” and the other which he embeds within the frame. The frame story is the one in which Mr. Nuttel visits Mrs. Sappleton, and Vera tells him a story. Vera’s story, the embedded story, convinces Mr. Nuttel that her uncles are dead, and causes him to flee frantically when he sees the three men walking towards the house. The metaphor occurs when Vera…

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  • Symbols In The Story Of An Hour

    Louise. The story of an hour is about Louise Mallard a woman who finds that her husband Richard Mallard has died in an accident. So after locking herself in her room for a while she eventually gets out only to discover that her husband Richards is really active and well. Louise then experience a heart attack and dies. While in her room Louise first closes her room door, then sits in front of an open window so that she may contemplate on her past. Although the text is referring…

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  • Character Analysis Of Mrs. Mallard In The Story Of An Hour

    represents a bird. It is important for the reader to be aware of this because just reading her name they can visualize a bird flying, as in the story Mrs. Mallard was “fleeing” her old life. Lastly, there are many notions of liminality that are evident throughout the story that symbolize meaning outside of what is written on the page. The open window that Mrs. Mallard looks out of represents the freedom and opportunities that she was deprived of when she was married. Everything that she…

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  • Mawage In Kate Chopin's The Story Of An Hour

    In the master bedroom, “There stood, facing the open window, a comfortable, roomy armchair. Into this she sank, pressed down by a physical exhaustion that haunted her body and seemed to reach into her soul (115).” The narrator expresses Mrs. Mallard’s chronic repression pointing out that she “sank, pressed down” into the chair from “exhaustion” and from being “haunted.” Exhaustion, to use up or consume completely, indicates that marriage has taken its toll over the years. To be haunted is to…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Freedom In The Story Of An Hour

    Mallard has to look forward to after the passing of her husband. In the text, the descriptions of what Mrs. Mallard is doing alone in her room symbolizes freedom. When she goes to her room, presumably to grieve, she is actually realizing her future. The narrator speaks of her looking out of an open window at patches of blue skies (426). The window is being used as a representative of the open opportunities in which she will now experience. The text also mentions tree tops, birds twittering, and…

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  • The Story of an Hour outline Essay

    Introduction: *Central Theme ¡§Freedom¡¨ *Key points of story that help identify the internal/external conflict. *Climax and whether the ending is a catastrophe or resolution. I.     To begin w/ lets look at what the internal conflict is: Louise felt repressed in her marriage to her husband, in a sense she wanted to be free from him. 1.     Look at 1st paragraph, which sets the stage for this story. Knowing that Mrs. Mallard was afflicted…

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  • The Open Window Short Story

    experiences. This is why we find his short stories spontaneous and unpredictable. "The Open Window" is not the exception, it is important to read and understand the last sentence of this story. It is there that we understand the whole story and we notice that there were no real ghosts, which was the cause of Mr. Nuttel, the main character, to sprint out of the house. The big question unanswered in the story is Why did Vera made up this stories? or better yet, How was she able to do this…

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  • Like The Sun And The Open Window Analysis

    understands how much the truth hurts people; and he has to grade one hundred papers in one night, which seems like a lot, but really is not. In "The Open Window," Vera tells lies about her aunt to Mr. Frampton Nuttel. The lies that Vera told end up frightening Mr. Nuttel because on his relaxing weekend away, her lies make him more tense. Although "Like the Sun" and "The Open Window" are different, they both use examples of truth and deception to explore the ideas of irony and paradox. "Like the…

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  • Analysis Of Literature Opens A Dark Window On The Soul

    An anoymous writer wrote “Literature opens a dark window on the soul, revealing more about what is bad in human nature than what is good.” This quote means that literature tells more of the bad things that people do than the the good things. This is because it is more thrilling to read about the misfortunes of someone than an a characters regular life. This quote is proven true in the two works The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and in The Color Purple by Alice Walker. “Literature…

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  • Comparing O. Henry's The Pimienta Pancakes And The Open Window

    commands. Even if lying is necessary, one will use it to fit his needs. However, not all situations are bad situations. An example of lying to control someone’s actions is portrayed in between the stories “The Pimienta Pancakes” by O. Henry and “The Open Window” By Saki. In the greater scheme of what is wrong and right, lying is wrong unless it is used for the greater good. “The Pimienta Pancakes” By O. Henry Takes place in the olden western days in a town named San Miguel. Times of poor…

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