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  • Significant Figures

    There are known numerical values that are not subject to fractional error, and therefore do not affect the number of significant figures in a calculation. These are called “exact numbers.” Some examples include: 1 foot = 12 inches, 100 years in a century, 2.54 cm in an inch. Therefore, if a number is considered exact, it does not affect the accuracy of a calculation. When taking significant figures into account for a problem, exact numbers will not affect them either. When performing a measurement on a digital instrument, read and record all of the numbers as displayed, including zeros after the decimal point. But on a scaled instrument, estimate one more figure than you can actually read from the scale. This accounts for the inaccuracies and errors that occur naturally. Accuracy is “a measure of the deviation of the measured value from the true or accepted value.” Precision is “a measure of the agreement of experimental measurements with each other.” Significant figures relate to precision rather than accuracy. The more precisely a measurement is performed, the more significant digits one can have. If given a measured value, assume that the number of digits given reflect the precision of the measurement. When given a value, the answer cannot be more precise than the data that is…

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  • Essay On Figure Skating

    Introduction As a figure skater with an enthusiasm for figure skating for many years, my choice of investigation for my internal assessment came to me quite easily. I have been a figure skater for eleven years and during this period I have been able to deepen my knowledge of the relationship between body coordinates and movements/positions of figure skating. I will be investigating the relationship between the body’s initial and interim positions and the outcome of a figure skater’s trajectory…

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  • Vyse Autumn Leaves Analysis

    The Flower Girl. As with many of Vyse’s figures, names were often changed. The autumnal sprays in the basket, may have been the cause of the re-naming the figure Autumn Leaves. This is a quintessential Vyse figure, illustrating the reality of the social background from which the flower selling women sprang. The outdoor life in all weathers doubtlessly gave the women, their ruddy and weathered features, so unlike the pale creamy complexions of their Vyse counterparts. Moreover, Vyse is saying to…

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  • African Sculpture Analysis

    African sculpture is most often figurative, representing the human form. It is primarily fashioned from wood. The African sculpture can be described as monumental, meaning that the figure or form is not separated from the wood in which it is carved, which gives is a feel of heavy permanence. These aspects are visible in the African sculpture, Figure of Bena, Mboi, Yunger people in Nigeria 14th-16th century, Nigeria, Eastern Gongola Valley, and Figure of the Jukan people 19th-early 20th century,…

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  • Mary Anointing Jesus Analysis

    Yet upon a second more detailed examination, traditional elements of composition began to appear. In the center of the piece, there is an identifiable pyramidal structure of the figures, with the reclining nude upon the boot at the base, the three figures, Mary, Jesus, and the contemplative apostle in the back, making up the body of the pyramid, and sun-ring at the top. Vanity and lust fall below qualities of compassion and wisdom, which ultimately is under godliness and piety. Another…

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  • What Do You Do T. Mbeki Analysis

    Next to her face is a green colored fist with red triangular shapes pointing outward that demonstrate impact. The woman has tears flowing down her cheeks, which is likely in response to the punch on her face. These figures come with the caption ‘mothers abuse’ written to describe the scenario. The top center has the topic of the artwork written on it: ‘What do you do T Mbeki?’ and below this is a woman whose arms are raised toward that caption. This woman could be a representation of the artist…

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  • An Analysis Of Junot Diaz's Drown

    role in how the main character would struggle to find who he was as a person and what kind of potential he obtained emotionally as well as educationally. Between his father, mother, and closest the protagonist had no one to express himself to. The main character recollects “He handed me a gift, a book, and after he was gone i threw it away, didn’t even bother to open it…” (Diaz 433). He was so jealous of Beto that he chose to leave him in the past and not open his gift that he felt was to…

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  • Essay On Cycladic Figure

    “standing” female figure and a Grecian statue of Aphrodite stand out as being two sculptures that both display a shift in the medium of stone sculpture and in art history as a whole. The “standing” female figure is a smaller piece done in the Cycladic style by a Bastis Master from Greece, belonging to the Keros-Syros culture. It dates between 2600 and 2400 BCE, is made of marble, and can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in gallery 151 under the accession number 68.148. The Status of…

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  • Hidden Figures Analysis

    Lakhvir Singh David King English 150 25 October 2017 Struggle for Granted Equality is a very expensive commodity and is achieved through a lifetime of struggle by generations of men and women. The book Hidden Figures is a story of the group of black women who were able to break the glass barrier of centuries-old racism and segregation at NACA, later called NASA. Margot Lee Shetterly the author of Hidden figures book is trying to show the struggle of the black mathematicians Dorothy Vaughan,…

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  • Time Inc. V. Firestone Case Summary

    Few cases following Gertz have clarified what it means to be a limited purpose public figure and the Supreme Court has not established one concrete standard. In Time, Inc. v. Firestone, Mary Alice Firestone filed for divorce from her husband, an heir to the Firestone Tires fortune. Based on a claim by her husband, Time Magazine printed an article reporting that Firestone’s extreme cruelty and adultery caused the divorce. Firestone requested a retraction, but Time refused. Firestone sued Time,…

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