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  • Essay On Fiji Culture

    Have you ever been asked where your top travel destination is? If you were to ask me that I would say either Fiji or Tahiti. I have always been fascinated with the blue oceans, sandy beaches, and relaxed culture. All cultures are affected by multiple concepts, the Fijian culture is greatly impacted by dance and music, by the specifics of the Meke, and by the movement of the Meke. In Fiji, the impact of dance and music is tremendous on the people. “A community whose very culture is grounded in communal values seems to be an ideal ground for the development of expertise in part-singing [and dancing] (Russell).” From living in a small town my whole life, I can image how this small islands culture and community is. The community of individuals are those who you look toward for guidance and help with anything. To have singing and dancing such a big aspect is just like having a community party. In Fiji, they have the…

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  • Rural Development In Fiji Case Study

    colonial rule Under the British colonial administration the different ethnic groups in Fiji, particularly Indigenous Fijians and the Indo-Fijians, were governed through the system of “divide and rule” (Crocombe 1976). Indigenous Fijians were kept in isolation in their koro, mostly in the rural areas and the outer islands, with the idea to conserve and preserve their culture and tradition (Crocombe 1976, p. 8; Brown 1989, p. 102). The Fijians remained in their villages and engaged in subsistence…

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  • Fiji Migration Essay

    Fiji is geographically located in the Northeast direction of New Zealand and it takes approximately three hours to travel between the two countries by plane. Unlike New Zealand, which is one of the developed countries in the southern hemisphere, Fiji is relatively small in land size and also in terms of economic development. Indigenous Fijians and Indo-Fijians (also known as Fiji Indians) are the two dominant ethnic groups in Fiji, where the former consists of around 51 percent of the total…

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  • Arthur Maurice Hocart's The Life Giving Myth

    persisted in the 20th century. In comparing the meanings of established “extensions” of non-native kinship terms made between a number of languages, he demonstrates that these “kinship extensions” not only serve to muddle the meaning of the original word but can have disastrous, widespread, effects on our understanding of other cultures. In the article Hocart calls for a solution to the issue of kinship extensions and offers the solution of “neutral notation” which would be similar to phonetic…

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  • College Speech: Reflection In The First Day Of Speech

    Reflection I remember going to the College advisor and trying to figure out what class I would be taking for the fall semester of 2016. I was a little late in the enrollment process and some of the classes I wanted to take were either not available or completely filled. So my advisor asked me if I would be interested in taking speech class. I thought to myself “I don’t really like talking in front of people but it is a requirement.” So I signed up for Introduction to Speech Communication…

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  • The Importance Of Translation And Free Translation

    Translation existence results from the expansion and diversification of languages making individuals in need to collaborate and interact with each other and communicate. This implies that it has been practiced for thousands of years since the need for translation emerges when two (or more) different languages come into contact with one another. Its significance shows up from the earliest of the human development and civilization since it was – and still is – an important factor in establishing…

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  • The Sapir-Whorf Exphesis: The Influence Of Language On Human Language

    Commonly confused, the Linguistic relativity and linguistic determinism theories represent different points on a range of intensity regarding the influence of language on human thought. In order to understand the latter, the relativity theory must be understood, since it is a simpler form of determinism. Relativity, similar to the scientific uses of relativity theories, provides psychologist with a two sided phenomenon, often leaving people with varying positions; Simply put, language we are…

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  • Ethnicity And Ethnicity

    A way to learn about where these people come from, because languages all revert back to one location, one place, one people, all spread across the world and changing over time. Language originated from north east Africa and across the fertile crescent, and since then has evolved all across the world to adapt to the people. Language correlates to the people as different ethnic groups migrated. Language helps paint the picture for who you are and your culture, where you come from. Just…

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  • How Is Language Presented In I Am Writing Blindly?

    Language is a very powerful tool that can be expressed in different forms, each with a unique perspective. This is present in the stories “Two Words” by Isabel Allende and “I Am Writing Blindly” by Roger Rosenblatt. It is also visible in the collage titled “Always Together” by Philippe Beha and “Translations” a poem by Lake Sagaris. Three themes can be taken from the four interpretations on language. The theme that language is visible in every person, that the same words can have dual meanings…

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  • The Importance Of Pluency In Literature

    measurement of the data becomes significantly limited, creating a “measurement ceiling” (2003). Needing to perform accurately within a specific time dimension is essential in many fields ranging from athletics to language to medicine and to factory jobs. When one performs fluently then the establishment for which they are needing to perform for (i.e. a doctor for a hospital) can then in turn operate more efficiently. Collectively, the researchers suggest the findings of the studies can be…

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