Film and video technology

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  • Digital Technology Changes In Film

    digital technology has had an effect on film form and/or exhibition: This is an era of rapidly changing technology. This technology changes the way people eat, move, work… it affects every aspect of everyday life. Technology is also affecting film form. The way that the industry makes, edits and releases films is all affected by digital technology. High Resolution digital cameras are utilised in most budgeted film productions, most productions go through an editing process performed on a digital platform, and the final product is released a variety of digital formats. Films like Michael Bay’s Transformers in 2007, and Shane Black’s take on Marvels’ Iron Man in 2013 exhibit the fact that digital technology is affecting…

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  • Matte Four Heads Are Better Than One Analysis

    have a comprehensive understanding of numerous technologies used in order to emulate this environment in perfect harmony with reality. Steve Write states there are three ways in which you can succeed as a digital artist, through “the art, the tools and technique” (Wright, 1). This can be applied to a varying range of visual narrative effects, one of them including matte painting. Matte painting, one of the longest standing forms of visual effects, is a traditionally 2D scene created to enhance…

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  • Meta Description: The Ring Doorbell Camera

    Meta Description: The Ring Doorbell Camera replaces your doorbell and provides video-recording and motion alerts at your main door, even when away from home. Introduction The Ring Video Doorbell is a new and innovative twist of the traditional analogue internet-enabled surveillance cameras. The gadget comes with easy-to-use application that you can install in your tablet or smartphone to view your guests by simply pressing a button. You will use to talk to your visitors at the main gate via…

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  • Video Making Process

    Reaching Clients by Getting the Perfect Video Now that you have picked out your video production company, your next step is to prepare for your shoot. During the pre-production process, you have to carefully plan out your goals so that you stay within budget. Pre-planning can make a world of difference in the final video and the entire cost of the show. To get started on your video, use the following steps: Scriptwriting: Many clients use an employee at the company as a script writer. If…

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  • Short Essay On Video Analysis

    Videos have become the perfect medium for marketers: they tell stories in a simple, direct and entertaining way to their audience, which prefer to consume information this way over other types of material. Yum-Yum-Videos-explainer-video-production-company-VIDEO-board In the same way, animated explainer videos are extremely effective at spreading the word due to their potential to be used everywhere: they can be played on your website, in search engines like YouTube and in social networks like…

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  • Film Adaptation Of Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

    general events at Battle School and Command School, the film left out the specific details of Ender’s training experience. Although the movie included essential scenes from the book, it also compressed the novel’s eventful plot by taking out major pieces of the storyline. The film deprived its audience the opportunity of witnessing the Wiggin siblings grow up, but it adequately portrayed minor characters. Gavin Hood, the director,…

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  • The Importance Of Videos

    Videos have lot of advantages as learning and entertain media. With audio and visual element, video it is expected to capture nearly 100% of the audience's concentration. People tend to watch videos, because they are unique presentations. Beside that, video can show how tasks are performed, something which written materials cannot do. It can bring material to life and learning will never be boring. And although there are some unique technical challenges to learn HDSLR cinematography, the…

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  • The Influence Of Video Games On The Video Game Industry

    aspects of the video game world. Switching from console gaming to PC gaming is something that just keeps getting bigger by the day. The gaming industry constantly evolving has caused the technology of the film industry as well as the platform that games are being played to be propelled by gaming technology, this paper will examine, content distribution, how video games changed the film industry, and technological advancement. Now before we get into convergence, I will give an overview of the…

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  • The Importance Of Living In The Grid

    Other than having video games being present within a film, the industry decided to cooperate with this new technology. Hollywood, rather than try to fight off this industry, had decided to license successful movie titles to game manufacturers, some studios even having separate divisions that would create a video game based off a film. By allowing their films to have video game counterparts, especially the successful ones, which would allow more money to be brought into the company. If people…

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  • Everything Bad Is Good For You Analysis

    The immense advancement in technology is often criticized by older generations who usually cannot easily adapt to the technological changes in society. They often claim that technology such as cell phones, tablets, television, and video games are unnecessary advancements that waste one’s time and vegetate the brain. Younger generations are constantly connected to the virtual world and appreciate all new technologies. Many would not be able to last a day without their precious smart devices.…

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