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  • Filipino American Imperialism

    of Cuban citizens. From that war evolved the Filipino-American War that was declared in February of 1899. The Filipino-American War resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people; consisting of American and Filipino combatants and innocent civilians of the Philippines. The President during this time period was William McKinley, and his justification for the war was imperialism. Even though imperialism…

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  • Mariachi Is A Filipino-American

    I am a Filipino-American and I have grown up in a predominately Hispanic city all my life. I have been able to acknowledge the fact that Mariachi has definitely been the most familiar genre of Mexican music to most Americans. Growing up I would attend Hispanic parties and weddings and there would always be a Mariachi band. Even going out to spanish restaurants there would be a live Mariachi band playing and singing to you as you dine. I also have a couple of friends who are singers in a Mariachi…

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  • Filipino-American War Essay

    The Philippine-American War concluded five years ago, and the United States’ promise to free the Philippines has failed. When America first decided to engage in battle against Spain, the Philippines were fully supportive, for they believed they would gain freedom. The United States pledged the Filipinos that they would gain independence after Spain was defeated. First we promise the Philippines independence, then we kill around 20,000 of their people. The United States had no right to take the…

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  • Filipino Labor

    Before we can understand the labor dynamics of what Filipino immigrants faced in the United States, we have to retract to earlier history between the formation of the United States and Philippine relationship. In 1898 after Spain surrendered the Philippines to the United States, President McKinley issued the Benevolent Assimilation program “…which promised that the Americans came as friends and not as conquerors” (Mabalon 29). This eventually opened the gates of Filipino migration to the United…

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  • Filipino Culture Essay

    Philippines have been colonized by the Spaniards and the Americans for centuries, and these two cultures have had a significant impact on the Filipino culture and their identity. Martin and Nakayama note Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck research on cultural values claims that, “Values are the most deeply felt beliefs shared by a cultural group; they reflect a shared perception of what ought to be, and not what is” (p. 99). The Filipinos culture has had influences from civilization prior to the Spanish…

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  • Filipino Identity Essay

    During the rapid-research I choose to research about the Filipino Community in Los Angeles because I lived close to Chinatown. I was very involved with the Chinatown Business District and participated in many cultural events. The continued efforts to display and promote Chinese culture within the Chinese community serves as a constant reminder of their origins and identity. Historic Filipino-town district in Los Angeles, California was officially established by the city on August 2, 2002. The…

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  • America In The Heart Chapter Analysis

    America Is In The Heart by Carlos Bulosan starts with Carlos’ dad plowing their fields in their barrio as Carlos thinks he sees what looks to be his brother, Leon, who was believed to be in Europe fighting in the war. The man is Leon, who Carlos hadn’t seen since he was a young child. At the time of 1913 the Philippines was going through radical social change. Farmers are filling the rural areas while the younger generation is in a movement of change in their homeland. The farm is only thing…

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  • American Culture Vs Filipino Culture Essay

    B. Tylor defined culture as, “the complex whole which includes knowledge, beliefs, arts, morals, laws, customs, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by [a human] as a member of society.” (Tylor, 1884) In American culture, People are mainly independent minded. In Filipino culture, people usually have a collectivist mind state. Americans usually tend to speak their minds and they do not let what other people say or think dictate how they should act. Filipino cultural usually has more…

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  • Analysis Of Be American By Carlos Bulosan

    In “Be American,” Carlos Bulosan reveals the lack of choice a Filipino had at the time through the story of someone’s cousin, Consorcio, and his struggle to gain citizenship in America. Bulosan’s short story shares this idea of no choice with a political cartoon known as “What Will He Do,” which depicts President McKinley deciding whether or not to keep the Philippines or “send them to Spain” while the globe watches for his decision. Through the visual of President McKinley making a decision for…

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  • Philippines Assimilation

    of their adopted country. Filipinos were required to participate in the American social-economic system to survive in a new economy. The second process deals with “social reproduction” of the Filipino national minority in Hawaii. In 1978, the U.S assimilation was polarized along racial lines on the assimilation of “non-white” immigrants. The United States called ”non-white” immigrants in Hawaii since of there were many ethnicity, which eventually presents as an “imperfect” assimilation into…

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