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  • Asbury Film And Music Festival Analysis

    and are a significant relationship that enables the image and brand of an event to be associated with a particular destination. The Asbury Film and Music festival attempts to demonstrate the city of Asbury as an image of vibrant cultural and musical history and caliber, in order to attract an influx of tourism. Many cities and destinations are seeking to focus on the creation and hosting of special events and festivals. The Asbury Film and Music festival are attempting to attract a high volume of tourists and enhance the destinations image, through providing “the consumer with a leisure and social opportunity beyond everyday experience.” (Brown, G., Chalip, L., Jago, L. & Mules, T. 2004) Special events and festivals rely “heavily on the patronage of the local market for their success” (Brown, G., Chalip, L., Jago, L. & Mules, T. 2004)…

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  • Advantages Of Film Festival

    arguing SRIFF is still a film festival which is seeking for its positioning is that it has not yet made a clear decision on whether to be a “business festival” or an “audience festival” (Peranson 39). The concepts of “business festival” and “art festival” are explained in Mark Peranson’s article: First You get the Power, then You get the Money: Two Models of the Film Festivals. In this article, Peranson has listed the different characteristics of the two models of the film festivals. Two of the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Film Festivals

    The term “film festival” may mean different things to different people. Film buffs look at it as an opportunity to watch thrilling new films from all over the world before general release or even film that will never be released. Filmmakers see film festivals as opportunities to display their work and gain acknowledgement to international audiences as well as to connect with other filmmakers. Film producers, distributors and investors use film festivals as a platform to network, educate…

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  • Case Study: Yonge-Dundas

    The central hub of downtown Toronto, Yonge-Dundas is a public square situated at the south-east corner of the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas Street East across from the Toronto Eaton Centre. The site is bordered on the north by Dundas Street, on the east by Victoria Street, on the west by Yonge Street, and on the south by a former street named Dundas Square. In 1998, as part of the Yonge Street Regeneration Project, Toronto City Council approved the expropriation and demolition of the…

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  • An Analysis Of The Tomorrowland Music Festival

    “The word “festival” is derived from the Latin festum, meaning to feast, and originally defined a day or special time of rejoicing or feasting, often in memory of some great happening.” – (Martin et al 2005) Introduction This dissertation examines the motives behind customers attending unique and creative events. Does the overall setup and design of a music festival motivate customers to attend and does it enhance their overall experience? Objectives of the study • Understand the motivations…

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  • Cultural Vibrancy Essay

    Culture is the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time based on the Merriam-Webster. There are a lot of examples of culture based on the video clip. Culture is the festivals, events, dinning art scene, stories and customs, history, cool architecture, creative talents, public art, and outdoor places like park, farms and outdoor fountain, they are all part of the culture all of these things create activity and buzz. There are also a positive energy that is…

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  • Igbo Culture: Elements Of The New Yam Culture

    Elements of the Igbo Culture The Igbo tribe culture is very bright and energetic. Every aspect of it offers something fun and colorful. The celebrations of the Igbo culture contributes to the fun and festive setting of the Igbo tribe. Much can be revealed about the Igbo culture through looking at their food, festivals, and weddings. There are many different festivals that take place in Igbo villages. One of these festivals is the New Yam festival. The New Yam festival is held through August…

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  • Descriptive Essay About New Orleans

    New Orleans Attraction New Orleans is a unique city, quite possibly the most unique in all the US. New Orleans is a very beautiful place. It has a lot of historical places to visit and learn about. When someone comes to New Orleans for vacation, they should go to the Bourbon Street, New Orleans cemeteries, and Voodoo Museum. First, no trip to the New Orleans is complete without a stop at Bourbon Street. This street is located right in the heart of the French…

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  • Jain Festivals Essay

    Celebrations Description: Jainism is rich in culture with numerous festivals and ceremonies. All the Jains carry out formal or informal celebration of the rituals and festivals throughout the year. Jains perform festivals of devotion to worship and thank the Lord. Some of the popular celebrations of the Jains are discussed further. Process: 1) Atthai Mahotsav: This festival is performed for eight days and that is why it is named “Atthai Mahotsav.” This festival marks innumerable religious and…

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  • Socio-Cultural Impacts Of Wine Tourism

    This construct of wine tourism also encompasses the visiting of wine and food festivals. Wine and food festivals are included in the definition of wine tourism as these special events enhance wine tourism opportunities for destinations. Research has shown that such festivals provide both the destinations and the wine producers with many positive promotional outcomes. For the producers, wine festival is a profitable way to promote brands to new customers, an opportunity to interact with these…

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