The Pros And Cons Of Film Festivals

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The term “film festival” may mean different things to different people. Film buffs look at it as an opportunity to watch thrilling new films from all over the world before general release or even film that will never be released. Filmmakers see film festivals as opportunities to display their work and gain acknowledgement to international audiences as well as to connect with other filmmakers. Film producers, distributors and investors use film festivals as a platform to network, educate themselves further and to find prospects to do business with. However you look at it, film festivals are vital points for film industries, businesses, institutions and information due to their roles as possible sites for the production, distribution and exhibition of alternative and independent films all around the world (Wong, 2011). …show more content…
While cinema can be approached by various different perspectives - through films, people, places and more abstract features of knowledge and culture; festivals are originally defined by the films themselves (Wong, 2011). Within this global network, high profile film festivals such as Cannes, Sunday, Venice and Berlin tend to dominate headlines year after year. However, there are also all sorts of other film festivals that are less glamorous but definitely no less important. For example, there are LGBTQ film festivals, which aim to support and display LGBTQ works to challenge, encourage and educate a higher sense of awareness and diversity among the LGBTQ communities and allied audience through films; as well as Asian American film festivals that aim to promote Asian and Asian American cultures and experiences through films and to support Asian American filmmakers and

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