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  • Favazza's Case Study

    hand breaded, and made to order, served with parmigiano and their rich meat sauce. Although Favazza’s is classified as an Italian restaurant, they have to bring a bit of St. Louis to the table. As for the full menu, Favazza’s has a very wide variety of food, suitable for all guest. Their menu includes a lunch menu, dinner menu, kids menu, and even a gluten free menu. Oh, and who could forget their dessert menu? They also have a huge wine selection, mostly red wine, but some white. Their menu ranges anywhere from sandwiches, pasta, seafood, to even just a salad. One of their most popular dishes is their Steak Mudega. At lunch time, the dish is served with a six-ounce sirloin steak, and for dinner it is served with an eight-ounce filet mignon. The filet mignon, or sirloin, is lightly breaded, charbroiled, topped with cheese, and served in a white wine sauce with prosciutto and fresh mushrooms. For those who aren’t very fond of mushrooms, Favazza’s kitchen is happy to make the sauce without them. As for dessert, it’s a bit hard to choose a favorite. Their tiramisu, Espresso-soaked sponge cake layered with mascarpone cheese filling, is a big hit, as well as their Chocolate Amaretto Pie, Perotta 4 Favazza 's homemade specialty, made with Graham cracker crust filled with chocolate ice cream, amaretto, roasted almonds, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. With Favazza’s having great service, amazing food, and very inviting decor, what could possibly be negative? The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Getting To The Beach

    laugh to the point of crying because of our stupid and inane actions. One day during the week, we take a trip to the go carts where we occasionally get yelled at for bumping each other’s cars. We take another trip to Broadway on the Beach, which is similar to a boardwalk. Here, we play mini-golf, buy clothes and souvenirs, and eat wonderful food. We joke around, while watching the fireworks display at the end of the night. Going to the beach means so much more than swimming in the water and…

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  • Sushi Bar Research Paper

    On the menu including foods of the Asian culture are Unagi Bento, Chirashi, Japanese Egg Rolls Yakitori Miso Soup, etc. On the other hand, meals of the American culture on the menu has Chicken Wings, New York Steak, Salmon, or Scallops, Filet Mignon, Lobster Tail, Chicken & Tilapia, etc. The setting is of modern customs, where as in traditional Asian restaurants, your seat would be on a mat where you can eat sitting on the floor as opposed of in America, we in sitting in chairs. At Hibachi…

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  • General Zaroff's Pride In The Most Dangerous Game

    acting as God by killing human beings, and his arrogance in letting Rainsford free after catching him. The general believes that human life is his to take, as is exemplified when he claims that “life is...if needs be, [to be] taken by the strong.” Furthermore, he assumes that if “an angry god of the high seas” does not provide him with quarry, he is still entitled to these lives and can trap their ships on his island by deceit, hence the name Ship-Trap Island. Allowing him to live a life of…

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  • Graduation Speech: Walking The Beautiful Boardwalk Of La Jolla

    Ever wonder what happiness tastes like? It’s a sensation that invigorates liveliness of the body, mind, and spirit. Happiness comes in many forms. It’s sweet and savory, hot and cold, food and drink. One of the many places to indulge in glorious scrumptious happiness rests off the corner of Wall St. in a little place north of San Diego called Puesto. Walking the beautiful boardwalk of La Jolla will work up any appetite and while you’ll have to resist the many seaside restaurants with…

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  • Eddie Martini Research Paper

    Eddie Martini's is very well known for its numerous and very delicious wine selections. Eddie Martini's also hosts Romaine Teyteau, an Export director for Georges Duboeuf on April 20th. Georges Duboeuf Is one of the best, and well known wine merchants in France. If you're not a wine fan, you can put that aside, and focus on the hot, delicious steak that Eddie Martinis are served to perfection. Once you set your teeth into this beauty, you'll never want to stop eating. If you're a steak lover,…

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  • Food Heaven Analysis

    While anticipating for your food to arrive, the restaurant manager comes and asks you about the quality of the experience so far. If there are any issues with the service of course, the manager will resolve the problem immediately. The process of how the meat is served to customers is simply described as After briefly waiting for your meat to arrive to your table, several servers come to your table and ask if you want to be served a certain type of Meat. I personally enjoyed the Lamb Chops and…

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  • Article Summary: Drew's Homemade Trip Home

    before Drew’s homemade dinner tonight. After spending two hours in the mall, they make their way towards the exit. Upon reaching the parking garage, the overhead streetlights begin to turn on as nightfall sets. Alissa pays for two hours of parking and the trip home should be short, as much of the traffic has died down. Meanwhile, Drew is at home in his office looking over some PET scans to decide his best route of action for a surgery he is operating in two days. Stressing out a bit, his patient…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Summer Camp

    our similar facial features and appearing as though we were, “cut from the same cloth.” A cloth with blue eyes, short brown hair, a pronounced jaw, and long eyelashes. My dad occasionally jumbles our names and can not recall which son we are. Benny and I both love steak, candy, and junk food. My mother finds candy wrappers and snack boxes tucked behind the corners of our beds. She often describes it as. “a pantry in our bedroom.” Our family is very frustrated at this because after my mom goes to…

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  • What Makes A Successful Event

    event by the seat of your pants. One big area that should be well organized is registration. People should move quickly and smoothly through this process as it is the first impression people have of your event. Trait # 5: The Food Was Good Let's face it - we are a food driven society. When we meet friends, it is often over dinner. When the family gathers, there is a big meal. People do look forward to meal times at a conference or event, so make sure they are amazing. Sample the caterer's food…

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