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  • Filbert's Contributions

    an SS Killer: The Life of Colonel Alfred Filbert, 1905-1990, looks to shed light on the mindset and conduct behind a mid/ lower level perpetrator. Basing the primary research of his book on archival records, Filbert 's trial reports, witness testimony, Kay exposes Filbert as a materialist killer, "a man who only had his own advancement in mind" (122). On trial for his crimes, Filbert tried to cast himself as the victim, but Kay 's research presents the Filbert actions were all done in order to gain him notoriety, admiration, and aid in his career advancement. By presenting both Filberts own victimized reasoning and the data that present Filberts as a careerist, Kays methods, grant the reader a broader…

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  • Relationship Between Abelard And Heloise

    desire for him (sexual desire in the body) and embrace a desire for God (in the heart): “To him, I beseech you, not to me, should be directed all your devotion, all your compassion, all your remorse… Mourn for your Savior and Redeemer, not for your corrupter and fornicator.” This is not a novel request, considering the fact that repression of the body is a central characteristic of aspirational Christian perfection. However, Abelard seems to consider this casting off of the metaphorical physical…

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