George Orwell's Use Of Language

Language has been around for many centuries in human history. Language is the basis for society as it gives human beings a tool to communicate their ideas and beliefs. The sheer effect of a word can implications from declaring a war to a way to profess one’s love; words can alter life. Language is developing social institutions because it provides different people the ability to comprehend the other group, which is crucial for any growth in a country. Without any way to express one’s ideas, one would always be alone without any means of communicating, and this also indicates that necessities of life would have to be solved by one’s self since others could not collaborate on working together to find a solution. Language is the foundation for …show more content…
George Orwell is clear that humans should use their own thought into language and outdated words should no longer be used because that is restricting understanding and creativity. As language develops with time, Orwell stresses that using “pretentious language” is just another tool for creating a false sense of sophistication, and it fails to create easy understanding of a message. Language is fluid and using outdated terminology regresses the process; a nation and society grows only if the individuals can progress with time and old phrases fails to aid that process. He also mentions that “using stale metaphors, similes, and idioms, you save much mental effort, at the cost of leaving your meaning vague, not only for your reader but for yourself.” Language is a process by which one evokes thought and expression of ideas, but when one relies upon other individual’s phrases to convey a meaning, the process of thinking is lost and only memory application exists. People think through words and if the words do not exist for that thought, humans create new words, but when people are reliant on common phrases and are not being creative with words to express a new meaning, no one is thinking anymore or developing new words. When a language is a foundation of society, the individuals in that society need to be able to think for themselves, and that is why Orwell suggests that we eliminate useless and overused phrases because they muddle the meaning and do not allow people to grow from using language. Language is important for communication, the communication needs to be clear for a concise message, and that is why it is vital for people to grow with language and use it in their own way because using old thoughts fail to grow new

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