Social Media And George Orwell's Effect On The English Language

I think George Orwell made a good point when he said “the English language is in a bad way”. However in this generation it is not politics that is affecting our language; it is social media. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all clearly made an impact on the way we speak and write the English language. Social media has become a quick and easy way to communicate. And while it may have its few benefits, it has definitely had its negative effects on society. Emoticons, acronyms, and re-appropriations are becoming a part of our everyday language and we don’t even realize it’s happening.
Brandwatch, a social media monitoring company, has “analyzed the effect of various social media sites on the English language to find
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Different styles of writing can be created but you cannot change the grammar. In his essay “How to Say Nothing in 500 Words”, Paul Roberts shows us we can correctly use the English language in our writings. He believes “the principles of good writing should remain constant”. (Roberts). In most colleges, most students do not possess the level of writing and reading skill that is necessary to be successful in their courses. I think if we pay attention to the rules Roberts gives in his essay and stay away from the acronyms and emojis then we can be successful …show more content…
Orwell makes the comparison of the English language to a drunken man. The alcoholic man drinks because he feels he has failed, but after drinking the man realizes he has failed even more. The English language tends to fall into this cycle. We are failing as writers and we know this but we are not doing anything to fix the problem. We have to make the necessary changes to prevent the generation after us from falling further into the cycle. Like Orwell said the process is reversible. If we preach the writings of Orwell and Roberts to young writers we may be able to avoid the use of acronyms and emoticons in our everyday writings and dialogue. I am not suggesting that we get rid of social media sites altogether but we have to realize when it is appropriate and when it is not appropriate. It is okay to use the emojis and acronyms in text and on social media and that is about the only two places it would be considered appropriate. We have to limit the impacts social media is having on society and the English language is one place where this impact is not needed. We cannot change the decade old rules of writing just from a new generation of technology. We have to set boundaries for these new technologies and learn where they are appropriate and where they are not. If we, as English writers are willing to take on the necessary trouble than we will be able to stop these bad habits from continuing

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