Does Texting Affect Writing? Essay

751 Words Feb 28th, 2016 4 Pages
As technology advances, the preference for what is quicker and easier grows. People are so busy, and caught up in life that sitting down, and writing a long, formal document is not as simple as it should be. In today’s time, we use text messaging to get quick messages to the people they need to be. Due to the excessive use of this technology and the textspeak dialect that we create with it, researchers say our writing skills are weakening. Marywood University student Michaela Cullington, shared her view on how texting affects writing in her essay “Does Texting Affect Writing?” She explains how other researchers, and teachers, see the effect of texting in writing, she also explains how she did her own research and found that using textspeak has little to no effect, good or bad, to our writing skills. When thinking about how much humans rely on texting, one would think that textspeak would bleed into formal writing in a negative way. However, after reading Cullington’s essay, and her personal research, it is evident that the two forms of writing have no effect on one another. First, Cullington addresses the issue of the decrease of writing abilities as a whole. There are many researchers, and teachers especially, who are expressing their concern about the lack of writing skills of high school and college students in today’s technological era. The sources express how the see the most problems in the areas of spelling, punctuation, and emotion, Students become so familiar with…

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