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  • Where The Red Fern Grows Analysis

    the other hand, the film had the hunt stop after Billy’s Grandpa had his accident. This led to the dogs not being able to capture the last coons that they needed to win the hunt. The grand trophy was given to Mr. Kyle who had actually gotten more coon hides than Billy. The motion picture had Mr. Kyle handing Billy the trophy. That is how Billy won the hunt and money. However, in the novel, Grandpa’s sprain was just an injury that was serious, but could be dealt with. Billy also got to tree and skin more coons than Mr. Kyle. As a result, he rightfully earned the trophy and the money. This is certainly one of the biggest differences in the two stories as it affects the evidence behind Dan and Ann being the best coonhounds ever to roam the Ozark Mountains. The first death in the story was also altered when being converted into a film from the original manuscript. That night, when Billy was trying to tree the ghost coon, Rubin’s death would not have happened if it were not for Billy. In the written version of the story, Rubin tripped on a stick. Billy’s intervention was indirect. The movie had no such mention. Instead, Billy pulled Rubin’s leg and tripped him so he would not kill the dogs. Of course, he did not do it on purpose as he did not know the ax was there. However, this still led to Billy having more blame in the movie than in the book. Another fact is that the funeral differed. The mothers were shown at the funeral. The book stated that all the ladies stayed inside…

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  • My Eco-Map Analysis

    Making an eco-map shed insight on how I interact with the relationships of my family, friend groups, and coworkers. The map has made me reevaluate the types of my relationships and if they exhibited healthy signs. The ecological context, for which I have based my eco-map, is my current context at College of the Ozarks. I understand I had a distinctly different context when living with my parents, and different still, from the context when all of my siblings live in my parent’s home. I leave a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Week At The Lake Of The Ozarks Scout Reservation

    My first week at the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation, or Camp Hohn as everyone called it, was probably one of the worst weeks of my life. The camp looked nice on paper; it was described as a 120-acre camp on the banks of the Lake of the Ozarks, with bluffs overlooking the lake and many campsites,all surrounded by a five mile nature trail. However, they failed to include in the brochure that due to the camps size, the classes available to take were extremely spread out. To get to the…

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  • Winter's Bone Analysis

    it up to find her father and embarks on a journey through the meth-addled and dealing with poverty of the Missouri Ozarks. The film explores…

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  • Shiloh Museum History

    history of the Ozarks. From the first Native Americans in the land to current exhibits from all over the world which some of the exhibits showed the way of life to the poultry business that originated in the area. The Shiloh Museum shows the origins of the city of Springdale, and the history of the Ozarks. All the exhibits show what influences originated back then to what now makes…

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  • To Serve God And Wal-Mart Analysis

    by Bethany Moreton addresses how the family values of the Ozark region where Wal-Mart was brought up were incorporated into Wal-Mart’s establishment. Values such as opposition to selfishness, community contribution, and support of family were incorporated into Wal-Mart’s culture and this enabled it to succeed in Ozark, Kansas and eventually establish itself as the largest International corporation. In many ways, consumption and excessive material shopping were regarded as a sin among the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Teaching English Language Learners

    being pulled aside for their own instruction, instead of being part of the classroom experience. Similar to Springfield, the schools of Ozark are committed to providing ELLS with the same opportunities as native English speakers. Enrollment of ELLS for the 2015 school year was 47 students (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). In a document on the Ozark public schools website, information is provided concerning the educational program set in place for ELLs. Firstly,…

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  • Mental Illness And Homelessness

    Problem Homelessness caused by mental illness is a big concern in the world, but especially right here in the Ozarks. More than eight hundred people are homeless in the Springfield area (Community Partnership of the Ozarks, 2013). Among those eight hundred homeless individuals 38.7% report having a chronic illness such as, heart disease and cancer (Community Partnership of the Ozarks’, 2013). Another 25% of homeless individuals reported having a physical disability (Community Partnership of…

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  • Go Away From The Winter's Bone Analysis

    Victoria has an exotic garden. Obviously, the garden is a symbol of fantasy land for her. Victoria is a nice women but her husband Teardrop is a terrible person. He also products drugs like Jessup even he kills people. Maybe because of scared and uncertain life, Victoria breaks up the relationships with Teardrop. However, in Ozark, it is hard to survive for single woman because of violence and drugs trading. As a consequence, Victoria is married with Teardrop again. However, at this time, she…

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  • Instant Cabin Tent Case Study

    Why Should You Get the Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room Instant Cabin Tent? Description: This Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room instant cabin tent review discusses the strengths and weaknesses of this huge tent. The makers of the Ozark Trail 12-person, 3-room instant cabin tent has one big promise—that this cabin tent can be set up in under two minutes despite its huge size. This is arguably the major selling point of this instant cabin tent. However, you will also realize that there are other things…

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