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  • Utopian Society Possible Essay

    Is a Utopian Society Possible? I am inclined to believe that a Utopian society could only thrive in one’s imagination, and would be destined to fall if it were ever attempted in the real world. Utopia is defined as, literally, no place. The longevity of a world or community with no faults is unachievable, especially with the complications of equality and Sameness. As seen in the Utopian works of fiction, The Giver and “Harrison Bergeron”, it is very easy to cross the thin line between Utopia and Dystopia. How quickly it is crossed, however, solely depends on the actions and choices of the society. The downfall of the Utopian society in The Giver, by Lois Lowry, was their hunger to eliminate hindrances so they could reach perfection. They were so blinded by the concept of Sameness that they couldn’t see the issues they were causing. The genetic scientists had removed any chance the community had to be unique by removing skin color, hair color, and skin tone. The Committee was convinced that equality and Sameness would bring them one step closer to perfection, when in fact, it was only holding them back. In “Harrison Bergeron”, a short story by Kurt Vonnegut, handicaps were given to those who were above average so equilibrium could be reached. The problem was,…

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  • Characteristics Of An Ideal Utopian Society

    Essay Prompt #3- Utopian Society An ideal utopian society would give room for intermarriages, irrespective of race, financial or ethical background. It would begin with a full and mandatory education for children, followed through by free lifelong learning offered to anyone in the civilization who is interested. Agriculture would be treated as a science, and a major part of the curriculum in the education system. Every citizen should spend some portion of their life working on a farm. An ideal…

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  • The Importance Of Relay For Life

    Body 2: Clearly state why Relay is formed around a utopian impulse and why someone might interpret it as a utopia. Anyone who attends Relay for Life or hears about Klatt’s mission, immediately become inspired to be apart of this remarkable organization. Dr. Gordy once said “Relayers make the money. The money funds the research. Research kills cancer. Therefore relayers kill cancer!” He also said and believed that “Relayers around the world will make a difference.” Relay for Life is the epitome…

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  • The Spirit Of Utopia Analysis

    In Russell Jacoby’s The End of Utopia: Politics and Culture in the Age of Apathy argues that we have lost the determination to envision the good, intellectual collapse, the politics have been reduced to a dry topic, and utopian thinking ought to be included in politics. In Picture Imperfect: Utopian Thought for an Anti-Utopian Age the main argument was on anti-utopianism. Russell argues that politicians once considered utopian ideas you think of the welfare state after the second world war being…

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  • Utopian Society

    Some people think that utopian societies don't last, while others may think that they may last forever or a long period of time. Usually, utopian societies don't last very long. In the case, I don't think that Jonas’s utopian society will last utopian forever. Jonas’s society isolated itself from all of the other societies around his if there even was more societies. Three examples why utopian societies don't last is that they have disagreements and arguments, they may eventually run out of…

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  • The Giver Utopian

    Utopia is perfect but is it possible to achieve utopian society? Everyone has their different views of what a utopia can be but there are always to many challenges people will face trying to create a utopian society. There will never be a utopian society because there will be too much pain and suffering. Families in The Giver are almost fake they have no real connection or love in their families. In reality there is unconditional love no matter how bad the kid messes up. In a telling of…

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  • Suicide In Utopian Society

    How perfect would life be if no one ever failed and everyone followed a set of standards to be upheld? Sir Thomas More addresses this conjecture in Utopia, in which he discusses different failings of the normal world and compares these issues to the Utopians. More establishes a society that is governed by reason and logic to avoid the consequences of human failings. In the section dedicated to monetary values, More implements a new way of thinking about gold and silver. Punishments and rewards…

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  • Utopian Society Essay

    As human beings, it is in our nature to want to advance as a species and to make leaps and bounds in science and technology. We simply want to be the best of the best. We strive for perfection and consistently fall short. So the question is, is it possible for a utopian society to exist? For a utopian society to exist, it must possess perfect qualities; or in other words, be the ideal society in which to live. In the world today, we struggle with disease, violence, and other evils that prevent…

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  • The Utopian Society In The Giver

    The Utopian Society in The Giver is destined to fail because of inequality and fear. To begin with, in “Harrison Bergeron” Kurt Vonnegut Jr. proved that rebels and insurgents will appear where there is pain and unfairness. In addition to that, “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” by Rod Serling explains how fear and prejudicism leads to violence and disorder. Next, Matt Bird’s “Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering in Humans” shows the flaws in The Giver society’s ideas of Sameness. Because of…

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  • The Giver: A Utopian Society

    Jonas is a young boy who lives with his parents and younger sister in a futuristic, utopian society, called “the community”, where everything is said to be perfect. In this utopian society, each year, fifty children are born by a group of birthmothers, and are given to parents who request a child. If any child is born imperfect, or doesn’t develop properly before the annual ceremony, they are killed. The people don’t know that they are killed, and think that they are being released to Elsewhere,…

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