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  • The Vagina Monologues Summary

    probably the most important piece of political theater of the last decade, at least if we measure a play’s impact in quantifiable terms”(Isherwood). In these monologues, she shows us these issues from the eye of the woman, and not from what rumors say, or what men speculate. Ensler has started organizations such as “V-Day”, and “One Billion Rising”, to help put an end to this. She visited over 40 countries to interview women that underwent abuse. Ensler herself grew up with an alcoholic father that abused her. She also started a movement named “City of Joy” to give the women of the Congo that had experienced sexual violence a safe and healthy community. In a 2012 article Emine Saner mentions that “fundraising performances of the play are staged all over the world, and the movement has raised $85m to fund women 's projects, including an ambitious centre in Congo, officially the worst place to be a woman, to support women who have been raped” (Strike Against). Ensler’s organization called “One Billion Rising: Revolution” has held thousands of events in 200 countries. These events have given millions of women the freedom they deserve to talk about these dire issues. “V-Day” raised $30 million as of the year 2006. She has raised millions, if not billions of dollars total, in her efforts to help women. Ensler has also talked about sex slavery and trafficking. She mentioned in an online article that, “I am thinking of the price list leaked out from the ISIS Sex Slave Market, that…

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  • From Pearl Harbor To V-J Day Summary

    From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day by D. Clayton James and Anne Sharp Wells, Published January 1, 1995 Ivan R. Dee Publisher. 216 pages. The second world war was histories largest war in numbers of nations and soldiers, allotting to over sixty million total deaths and over four hundred thousand American Deaths. In the novel From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day, D. Clayton James and Anne Sharp Wells tell the story of how America got pulled into World War II, the conflicts that America faced during World War…

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  • V-E-Day In The Life Of George Orwell Totalitarianism

    V-E Day had come and gone. Two atomic bombs had been dropped on Japan. The Cold War had sprung up out of the Soviet Union’s paranoia of the spread of capitalism. Spain had just barely escaped developing into an autocracy. Needless to say, the world was changing in 1949, and, in some eyes, it was taking a turn for the worse. Many nations either chose to turn a blind eye to the resurgence of totalitarianism in Eastern Europe and Asia or merely succumbed to its wrath, becoming just an…

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  • Henry V St Crispian's Day Character Analysis

    I really like how it was written and I liked the contents of the story. We have the English army led by what many consider to be a carefree spoiled boy, who is upset because France won’t let him be king. They are tired, they are in worn down armor that is old and far inferior to the French armies, and they are losing hope. Nothing about this scene relays hope that victory will come to the English. The scene of Henry V standing up and says, “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The First Day Of School By R. V. Cassill

    In the short story, “First Day of School” by R.V. Cassill, it is about a boy named John who is going to start a school year at an all-white high school for the first time and for the end of segregation of schools. In the historical dramatization, “The Fight for What’s Right” by Spencer Kayden, a girl named Sylvia Mendez is not allowed to go to an all-white school, so they make a law case for desegregation for schools. The 2 different texts support the topic of desegregation with similarities and…

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  • Child Care Outline

    Research Paper Outline: Child Care Thesis: A properly structured government sponsored day care system in America would assist families who struggle to find reliable and affordable care. I. Topic sentence: Government day cares provide more child development that most parents can’t provide. a) Expansion: The government requires a certain structural procedure that day cares have to abide by. It likely includes early education, nutrition, or a schedule to follow. This structure fills the child’s…

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  • The Importance Of Childcare On The Family

    Families across America are pressed to find childcare that they can afford, trust and rely on. This researcher intends to identify, correlate and summarize various articles, publications, case studies and academic literature to assist him in this study of childcare conflicts and working parents. Identification. Growth in the number of day care centers and other forms of non-parental care for children has accompanied this increase in working mothers. But for many families, finding…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Child Care Centers

    In 2010 there was a follow up study that confirmed the results and continued to show the negative impact of low quality day care facilitates for young children, even after they reached adolescents (babycenter.com staying at home pros and cons…

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  • V For Vendetta Speech Analysis

    step to any problem is to identify that there is a problem. Government have been a very delicate system people of generations have dealt with. It seems like in history it has always been the government that start the wars, or at least it comes back to the government. In V for Vendetta, V who is the main character of this film, hi-jacks a television station that has an emergency channel and gives his revolutionary speech. Within this speech he gives some reasons on why his government may be…

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  • V For Vendetta Hero Analysis

    transpired to show the hero in a good light that’s enjoyable and believable. But a man’s worth can only ever truly be measured by the weight of those that stand against them. In days of old it was easy enough to throw a black hat on a man and show him shoot a few people and have the white hat ride in and save the day and voila the good guy is the shining example of heroism. Decades passing have caused our understanding and collective desires to change by opening and expanding our minds; so…

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