The Vagina Monologues Summary

Plan of Investigation Who is Eve Ensler? How did she tell the truth? How has her truth made an impact on our society? How is that impact felt today? There is a tremendous amount of information online about her work and the truth she has told to the public media over the years. I plan to research these questions by reading articles, watching videos on sites such as, and watching Eve Ensler’s TED talks to gather information about her. I also plan to read her play and possibly watch the TV movie called The Vagina Monologues to gather further knowledge on Eve Ensler’s efforts.
Summary of Evidence Eve Ensler is an American playwright, performer, feminist, and activist, best known for her play The Vagina Monologues. (Wikipedia). This
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A lot of people don’t want to talk about the subject, and they want to pretend that it doesn’t happen. Eve Ensler wasn’t one of those people who shrugged it off and payed no attention. She interviewed a lot of highly known news networks and reporters to get the truth out about what is happening to women all over the globe. The word “vagina” is a one that most of the public has little to no interest in. A lot of people think the word is actually really gross. Ensler informed the public about misconceptions about the vagina, in addition to helping women realize the community they do have. Ensler’s monologues have set new ground by telling many truths about the vagina and women’s sexuality. She also showed what sexual assault feels like from a woman’s perspective, and how it ruins not only her trust, but how that woman feels about herself. These two subjects embody the core democratic value of truth because they are topics nobody really wants to discuss. They are topics that many members of society would like to shove into their closet and never look at again. Eve Ensler told the truth about these issues and showed the world that talking about these things is okay, She showed the world that there is a way to prevent the

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