Henry V St Crispian's Day Character Analysis

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4. What leadership qualities do you want to develop? Please explain and give details.

If I was to truly think about which leadership qualities that I wished to develop, I would have to start with articulating a vision. I do believe goals are one of my strong leadership qualities, articulating a vision is not. I can easily see a goal I need to achieve, but knowing what that goal is working towards is harder for me. There are some cases where I have a vision of what I wish to achieve, usually small scale, like finishing a paper with a B or higher will put me one step closer to finishing the class, and will put me one step closer to graduating. Other situations such as completing my goal of achieving my bachelor’s degree and finding a career
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I really like how it was written and I liked the contents of the story. We have the English army led by what many consider to be a carefree spoiled boy, who is upset because France won’t let him be king. They are tired, they are in worn down armor that is old and far inferior to the French armies, and they are losing hope. Nothing about this scene relays hope that victory will come to the English. The scene of Henry V standing up and says, “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that’s sheds his blood with me [s]hall be my brother;” is why I love this story so much. The way it’s written stirs your emotions and of those involved so well you just want to cheer right along with the men in the story. When Henry stands up to speak he looks at his men and sees defeat in their eyes, and gives a speech to turn their spirits. He does this with such success that his men walk away …show more content…
It really many examples of how society then and even today see what they believe to be a guilty individual, or even everyday people and situations. To have one person stand against eleven others on a verdict, which at the time seemed to be an open and shut case, showed courage that I’m not sure I would have been able to show myself if I was in that situation. All he wanted to do was talk through all the facts before making a rash decision. This is a quality that many people do not

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