Personal Narrative: Strength-Based Leadership

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Becoming a great leader thankfully is something you can grow into, although it will be hard work. We have studied how leaders need to be self aware and have emotional intelligence, building on strengths and realizing that there is no one way to lead is a great place to start. From our text Strengths Based Leadership I learned that attributes of a leader can be sorted into four categories and I will look at each of these one at a time. In this essay I will explore my top 10 desired attributes of a leader and make a plan of how to grow into them.
Executing attributes help a leader “know how to make things happen” (p24) I find this to be a great place to start because by definition a leader should be helping their team get to accomplish their
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Connectedness was in my top five. This trait is shown through my ability to understand how systems are connected. I am able to see the big picture and find connections to individuals. I also tested high in Relator, which is expressed by how many past coworkers are now close friends. I also relate well to leader who poses Empathy and would like to display more empathy especially for my supervisors. I tend to not give very much grace and forget that my project is not the only thing happening for the manager. If I were able to relate better I would gather more trust and create a better work environment. I am naturally an Includer in my personal life, noticing when someone is left out and bringing them in, and I would like to bring this into my professional life. Positivity is something that I lack that I want to …show more content…
I understand that becoming more self-aware, combined with better understanding humanity will set me up for success. In the past I have gone to counseling and found that to be extremely helpful in learning how to better navigate social setting; helping me to heal from past pains so that I have less “triggers” that will keep me from over reacting to emotional situations. So I believe that in the future I would consider returning to counseling and delving into how I can be a better leader, growing my social intelligence. I know that I gain a lot from reading books that challenge my thinking and behavior. An example of a book that challenged me was Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I would like to return to this book and journal my way through it, so that I can set up specific goals. I do participate in workshops offered through my employer; the most recent one was Gracious Spaces. I can reinforce what I learned from that workshop by sharing the content with others. Lastly I would like to find a professional mentor, someone who can coach me and give feedback about how I interact with others. My challenge in this area is that currently there is no one in my office that I would chose to align myself with. Because of my new understanding of our Mirroring Neurons (77) I would love to find a great leader and work with or under their guidance to develop these skills. When our program at

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