Odysseus Leader Analysis

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What are the qualities a successful, effective leader should possess? Respect. Skill. Bravery. In the epic poem, ¨The Odyssey¨, written by Homer, Odysseus, the main character, proves himself to possess all the qualities of a successful leader. Throughout the journey home from Troy, Odysseus shows that he cares for his crew, and they build a strong emotional connection. Each trial brings new problems, yet he continues to encourage and help them throughout it all. A successful leader cares for, and encourages his followers. A great leader is skilled in their area and shows respect for everyone including both followers and superiors. Thus, a leader with no passion is a poor leader because they are not be working to their full potential. Although …show more content…
Odysseus, who sees a counter attack approaching them, is trying to get the crew back to protection: “...but on the spot I told them: Back! And Quickly! Out to sea again” (146). Odysseus is trying to bring the men back to the ship so they can leave before the attack comes, because he doesn’t want them to die. They depend on each other; he thinks of his crew as family and he wants to protect them from danger. Some may argue that Odysseus just wants to save himself from harm, but it is his duty to bring them back home to their families, and he wants to bring home as many of them as he can. In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, Odysseus proves himself to be a successful leader. Although everyone who makes up his crew dies, Odysseus is an effective and successful leader because of how much effort he puts into saving his men. The emotional bond that he shares with them is unbreakable. Homer uses Odysseus’ journey to prove that he is a successful leader, and to connect to our modern world: sometimes the bond you have with others, is stronger than anything although some may argue that Odysseus was selfish and cowardly, he cared for his crew like family and tried every possible way to get them home

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